Become A Life Changer With Total Life Changes

My purpose is to help people and that's why I'm here on earth. I love helping people because I have been helping people all my life for free so now I'm getting paid to help people to improve their health by offering nutritional health and wellness products.

I am a Life Changer with Total Life Changes which I'm so excited to be a part of this company because I believe that taking care of your HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH because the healthier you become the more you'll feel good about yourself and the less visits to the doctors office. I decided to partner up with Total Life Changes because I gained weight from taking methimazole medications for thyroids which caused me to gain an extra 42 pounds, and having my hair to fall out and that was enough for me. I became very annoyed because of the side effects from the methimazole medication because I was very tired and I mean extremely tired, my body was aching all the time and my muscles were very weak and sore and constipation started as well. I started feeling depressed. I couldn't sleep at night. I toss and turned and I couldn't take it anymore so last year in July 2020 I decided to stop taking the medication for thyroids because I had enough of the bad side effects. I'm so glad that I made the decision to stop taking the medications. I feel so much better and this is my WHY to partner up with Total Life Changes. I want to help people become healthier however you must consult with your doctor because I'm not giving you any medical claims or advice on your health conditions.

I choose Total Life Changes because they offer natural health and wellness products that can actually improve health and to make money by selling their products to people all over the world. Total Life Changes offer a variety of natural products from liquid vitamin by the name of Nutra Burst ,instant detox teas and skin care products and coffee, essentials oils, hair ,nails, skin capsules and so much more.

Jack Fallon is the CEO of Total Life Changes which he started in the basement of his home in 1999 and the first product that he created was the LIQUID MULITI-VITAMIN NUTRABURST that has taken over the world. The NutraBurst was created with the highest grades of vitamins as 72 minerals along with 19 Amino Acids,10 Vitamins,13 Whole Food Greens, and 12 Herbs,22 Phytonutrients which gives 148 amazing reasons to start consuming this great product. This liquid multi vitamin Nutra Burst gives you energy and it maintains healthier hair, skin and nails and so many other amazing benefits. 

Go ahead and try it you'll love Nutra Burst click here

Remember I love helping people so if you're looking to improve your health, weight loss goals or just desire to make some EXTRA MONEY decide to partner up with me today by becoming a Total Life Changer today.

Where can you find another business like this?

That pays you five different ways and you can actually get paid DAILY !!That can give you unlimited commissions that you could use to pay off your debts, send your spouse on a shopping spree without being on a spending budget and be able to buy healthy foods without penny pitching to feed your family and be able to purchase a new house and a luxury car.

 Are you afraid of investing into yourself? 

Do yourself a favor and write a list of things that you have wasted money on from...…  2 days ago 4 days ago 6 days ago 2 months ago 4 months ago 6 months ago and a year ago. I promise that you’ll be very stunned on how much money you’ve wasted several times without even noticing it. Foolish choices only lead to poverty and we’re giving you the chance to invest in yourself with a one time payment of $49.95 to get started not only to help yourself but your entire family and what we teach you can be passed down to the next generations in your family. Instead of passing poverty and debts down, wealth freedom is what you really need to pass down from generation to generations. Not only are you helping yourself and your children, YOU have the power to help others that’s lacking financially in desperate need and I mean real need. 

The REAL NEED……is lack of money. Do you know someone who's in a real need like this? 

Are facing foreclosure on their home. 

Someone who's about to file bankruptcy.  

Marriages are failing apart. 

Having a baby and can't afford a nanny 

That is homeless and need help immediately. 

Have a sick child that needs great medical care.

 Have older parents who needs nursing care or medications  

Have kids who want to go college. 

Are you really listening to what I’m saying? 


Click here I'll see you at the TOP because the bottom is overcrowded. 

Sandra Heaggins 

If you're serious about making Total Life Changes email me at

This article was published on 27.01.2021 by Sandra Heaggins
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