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My name is Marie Boothroyd and my passion in life is to make YOUR life better, whether that is helping you lose some weight for your own reasons or providing you with some fantastic make up which is long lasting, stays on for minimum of 8 hours and makes you look and feel fabulous!

I can help with a range of things from dieting to skin care regime to make-up to hair! If you want to change something about yourself then I am 99%  I will have a solution for you!

Check my shop out at

This will show you the wide range I do, we do not test on animals and our prices are direct from the factory so this saves you as the consumer a HUGE 70% of rrp!!

I started using my companies products before I became an ambassador for them. I never sell anything unless I have used it first and then I can give a honest opinion of what I thought it was.

My main personal achievement from using these products would be the dieting items I sell. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 14 in 2months by following these and the best bit it the weight has STAYED OFF! I am currently on another diet after taking a months break and just eating right so I can go back to my pre children size of Size 10! I know I will do it thanks to these products. My weight has always been a pain for me and this is the first time I have consistently lost weight and it is not a crash diet or unhealthy or drinking lots of water! The meals plans which come with the products are actually taken direct from the NHS website, it is what doctors recommend to eat when on a diet! It is a safe and sustainable way to lose weight.

I love my little business and I want you to come try it for yourself, be it as a customer or as a recruit. If you do decide to join my team, I can guarantee you, I will be 100% in your corner, training you and helping you reach all your goals. They really are YOUR goals, there is no targets or monthly amounts you need to make. You can do as much or as little as you want and I will be in your corner for you :)

Have a look at my Facebook group, join up to it and see the amazing deals and how I work for free :) Facebook is just the beginning but it is a good insight into how I personally run my own little business

Take a look and contact me if you are interested in ANYTHING I do :)

This article was published on 30.08.2016 by Marie Boothroyd
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