Have I finally made it? Out of the Rat Race at last

I ran away to sea at sixteen and spent the next eight years bobbing around on the ocean in the Royal Navy giving me plenty of time to learn the ropes. This start to my career gave me a fantastic qualification base as well as training in leadership and man management.

After leaving the Navy I served a baptism of fire running my own businesses. It was a very steep learning curve from travelling around the World in the Royal Navy to starting, growing and building my own business.

I spent 10 years involved in the senior management of all types of business including the last six years as managing director. One year I was shortlisted as one of 10 finalists in the prestigious National Association of Business Owners (NABO) Annual Awards.

But then one day it just hit me, I was getting no younger and what had I really achieved?

My name is Peter Hayward and everything I did was for a better lifestyle for my family and I. As I sat in the office one late evening I had that sinking feeling, I was managing the business but did not own any of it, all my employees were off living their lives and there I was in the office going through Management accounts. I was managing a business with 5 limited companies, 4 bank accounts, 3 VAT returns and 21 employees. I remember the feeling on the 1st of every month, the feeling of relief that we had managed to pay the wages and bills from the month before and then that feeling of dread knowing we had to start all over again in the new month. Don’t get me wrong, I was paid very well for what I did but I did not own any shares in the business but had all the stresses and late nights.

Now we live in Spain.

One year later my family and I are now living in Mazarron, Spain and I have gone from working seven days a week to working two hours a day. I now had the opposite problem, what to do with my time.

How did we do it?

I now belong to a group that is using the World’s first AI Powered trading software to make a full time income in part time hours. The best part about the business is there is actually two parts to the business, you have the trading software that is automatically trading the markets for you and making consistent profits and then the other side of the business where you introduce others to the business and make a residual income.

I feel so blessed; I have swapped the cold UK to sunny Spain and could not be any happier.

Would you like to do the same?

I am here to show you how, pop along to my website – www.PeterHayward.eu

I would love to show you how I did it and help you do the same. You may not want to live in Spain but I can assure you not having to work long hours and get my time back to do what I want to do is priceless.

Best wishes from a sunny Spain

Peter Hayward


This article was published on 11.02.2019 by Peter Hayward
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