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www.linkedin.com/in/sudipn749 - This is my professional social media profile/resume. A lot can be known about me from my LinkedIn profile as well as each and every update I have shared on my LinkedIn profile. As for Facebook, I have only one connection who is one of my business partner from this very website mlmgateway which I have found to be the world's best website for anybody who is interested in network marketing. Investing in the premium option that this website provides would make me a successful network marketer as it is the perfect outsourcing option in my case. This website of mlmgateway.com is my dream come true indeed. I have been looking for many hundreds and thousands of investment options and I have finally found the perfect one to heavily invest in. I intend to use Facebook and LinkedIn purely for professional purposes for the next decade or so. After that, once I establish myself as an online authority, I will alone travel the world teaching people about the power of network marketing.

https://bestcompany.com/mlm/ - This is the link to the best network marketing mlm company in the world which appears in the top of the Google search engine. This is one of the many reasons that I have chosen to start my own network marketing business with specifically this particular company. I have made an extensive online research on this company, its success stories, the organic farm based aloe-vera, honey based and so many other products for nutrition, health and wellness, personal care, skin care, weight management and a wide range of products in each particular section. Forever Living has never had a single complaint about the side-effects of any of its products at all in the past. The company also has a range of global certifications such as Halal certified, PETA certified etc. Since I myself have very highly advanced market research skills, marketing and communication skills acquired through the course of my education and experience as can be seen through my LinkedIn profile and updates, I will demonstrate the real power of network marketing to the whole world. Even apart from international business and marketing skills, I have very extensive knowledge about philosophy, psychology, diet, nutrition, health, spirituality, world religions, caste-system, cultures, values, traditions, languages such as English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Malayalam, different forms of business such as global HR management, digital marketing strategies which are so varied that one can spend an entire lifetime simply studying the power of online marketing, public speaking skills , leadership, motivation and team building skills and finally entrepreneurship abilities.  

My dream is to show the whole world how network marketing and internet marketing can form the most formidable combination and can be used to save billions of souls from depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, insomnia, doubt, hatred, jealousy, fear and a host of other things. It is not for nothing that great personalities such as Sir Bill Gates and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have so highly recommended network marketing. By 2018, I have also found out that there are going to be bachelors and masters degrees dedicated to network marketing as the number of Indians engaged in network marketing are far less as compared to the North Americans. For whatever I have learned so far in life, I am indebted to my parents and family, my spiritual master, everyone who have given me good as well as bad experiences in this life and last but not least to the protector of all of us, God. I have suffered tremendously from depression, insomnia, anxiety and a host of other physical and mental problems in the past. I have undergone even receiving electric shocks in a hospital and thoughts of suicide more than once. However, by the grace of God I am 100% cured now and have received this special blessing to stumble upon this lovely website which will definitely help me fulfill my dreams. 

I hope that whoever reads this shall be inspired by this business announcement at least a bit. I invite each and every single person across the world to join me in my network marketing business and we together shall change the lives of billions forever. 

Thank you very much, 

Sudip Nair

This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Sudip Nair
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