Are You Operating at the Top of Your Game?

Good Day Wellness Warrior!

I am sharing this with women and men who WANT to operate at the top of their game, but find the stressors of life are constantly giving them a run for their money. It's not lack of control that's frustrating, but rather the perception of not being in control. And of course that can impact us on both the physical, emotional and psychological levels. Let's take business ownership for example...

If you are constantly tired, overweight and on edge, it's next to impossible to successfully run a business. You may be able to do it for a season, but sooner or later the pressures will reveal themselves. A balanced life has to be about sufficient self-care, which enables you to effectively care for others in your space. Otherwise the whole thing is just a charade. Allow me to point out five critical areas that must be addressed to maintain proper balance:

1.  Stress: minimize, eliminate, re-direct, deal with... pick one - but do not ignore it.

2.  Hydration: your body is made of 70% water - replace it daily with the best high quality water you can find.

3.  Alkaline Lifestyle: stop eating dead food and drinking sugary drinks and hanging out with toxic people.

4.  Purpose: discover yours - even seek the help of a coach or someone outside of yourself if necessary.

5.  Exercise: move it or lose it - so many benefits here - physical health is critical to a quality lifestyle.

Treat your body well and it will reciprocate. Treat your body poorly and it will reciprocate. Your choice.

I know you probably value health supplements, realizing the food you are eating isn't even coming close to meeting the nutritional demands of your body - but when are you going to commit to putting the VERY BEST into your body? An undeniable investment in your well being is high quality water. It is absolutely foundational as it nourishes and hydrates your cells, helping to maximize their functionality. And what is the best water? So glad you asked...

Water with minerals in it. Minerals that change the actual design of the water so it can transform regular water into healthy water. The water I am talking about is rich in ionic minerals and it has many benefits including helping to protect your body from premature aging, increasing oxygen, and helping with weight loss and digestion. This all comes from drinking the right water. Even Dr. Linus Pauling, the two time Nobel Prize winner, stated, " Nearly all disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency."

Are you tired of gambling? Do you want to confidently give your body something so basic that can impact so many other areas of your life? Are you ready to feel strong and energetic again?

If YES is your answer to these questions, I invite you to visit my website to get more information. Be sure to check out the amazing video on the first page that addresses an insightful question: "Are we Diseased or Deficient?"  In other words - suppose you or others in your family weren't really sick, but rather were missing a certain trace mineral in your diet. And this absence is causing you to manifest certain behaviors. What if the issue could be properly addressed and this healthy water was the solution to putting your body in balance so it could heal itself. I found this revelation to be quite explosive.

Check out the video for yourself and see if your paradigm shifts.

Contact me afterwards or just set up a free account and grab the two water restructuring products - Aqualyte and Ionyte. Your body and mind will thank you for years to come. You see, my main emphasis is helping people make the REST of their life, the BEST of their life. And these products do just that. 

   Check Out the Video & Other Details Here

To Your Ever Improving Health,

 Coach Kim


PS - While on the page, be sure to check out the Vibrant Energy Drink - it is All The Rage!

This article was published on 21.07.2016 by Kim McDaniel
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