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Ever downloaded something odd on your PC and found things started to happen. I bet millions of users of PC's have downloaded something even if not quite harmful but the question that comes up is ''How did that get there'' '' How did that happen'' ''I do not recall doing that''.

When you send a message to someone you have the ability to attach something either a file a document a photo image even a winzip file. 

And now you say you cannot be hacked on your Internet device because you have the best software available as supplied by your provider or one that was recommended to you, I think I have just proved your words completely wrong, McAfee Symantic and AVG agree that Anti virus is dead (What they mean is, we can no longer protect you with just our software, you need to do more.) 

You can send files quite easily but what if you were a techy person who under stood computer language, do you think you could do a lot more than just send files by email or skype or any programme that can send information through the air or down wires, I know I could and would if I could get gain. 

This type of techy guy we are talking about is a what is commonly known as a HACKER who's main responsibility is to cause mischief, mayhem or worse case scenarios cause irreparable damage to human life.

Amazon, Ebay and thousands of other sites can be hacked by software that is undetectable by your device's protection services. You will see an example of an Amazon account that had been tampered with by the use of BUY IT NOW image, you may ask how the image got there in the first place and the second where you see BENEATH the image something completely different to what you are clicking.

New software is giving the hackers a new way to infiltrate your device and it has metamorphic capabilities (A Chameleon can change its colour) and so this virus can change it's structure also.

Welcome to Keylogger causing millions in damage and personal strife and misery. Heard of keylogger before? many have no idea what it is and maybe some of you do.

It is this software that the FBI and Interpol are now putting out a warning that your spyware and anti virus software can no longer protect you from keyloggers.

A new age of sophisticated software is out there and it is heading towards your device unless you stop it in its tracks. My associate website

We offer a 14 day trial for PC and Mobile (Android and Apple) and other devices. Try before you buy.

We also have business presentations for everyone to take a look either as a customer or becoming an associate to help move this PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Remember the bit about Amazon

If you feel unsure about anything please attend a presentation, we have 3 times a day presentations. So your time zone should be covered.

Please contact me at for presentation times

This article was published on 02.03.2016 by Gerald Ballantyne
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