I can’t tell you a lot about the game yet. You can’t even get it until September. Here’s what I know as of right now:


* United Games Marketing is not affiliated with the NFL

The first game will be an NFL-themed football game. It will be available around the same time as the beginning of the NFL season. There could be many games — soccer, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, hockey, etc., etc. Football is just the start.

A sports fan – let’s call him Stan – will get an invitation from a friend to download the app to their smartphone.

He downloads it (it’s free), enters his friends 8-digit code to get free tokens, and a whole new world in game play opens up to him.

While they watch the NFL game live on TV (or listen on the radio), Stan and his friends can predict what will happen next. (“I think he’s going to pass!” or “I think they’ll score!”)

If Stan is right, he wins points which are redeemable for valuable prizes (hats, t-shirts, phones, TVs, tickets, computers, maybe even a new car!).

If Stan is wrong, he’ll run out of free credits and he can either purchase more tokens (for which we as Affiliates get paid!) or he can watch a 15- or 30-second advertisement from a Fortune 100 company (for which we as Affiliates get paid!).

Stan will tell his friends about the game, too. They’ll play and when they buy tokens or watch ads, we Affiliates get paid.

Stan and friends will continue to play week after week because A) they love sports, B) they love to play video games, and C) they want to win more points and get a larger selection of prizes!

The Opportunity:

You can potentially have hundreds or thousands of people in your matrix and you’ll earn money every time they buy “tokens” or watch an advertisement!

This game will be shared all over the world in a matter of weeks. It will go viral. Everyone will be playing it and talking about it. And you can have a piece of the action!

You’re one of the very first people in the world to hear about United Games. Before long, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people will be playing our games.

There’s no charge to sign up as an affiliate. The game won’t be available until September. At that time, you’ll pay a one-time “technology fee” of $29.95 (to pay for your back office and real-time business reporting system) then $9.95 per month after that.

The United Games opportunity is strictly invitation-only. You have to have an invitation code to join. You can get one from the person who told you about this.

Here’s what you need to do:

After you watch the video above, contact the person who told you about United Games Marketing. Tell them “I’m in! I’m ready! Let’s rock ‘n’ roll!” They’ll send you an invitation by text or by email. Complete the sign-up process ASAP. (The invite code is only valid for 72 hours.) You’ll be asked for a credit card number, but you will not be charged anything. It’s simply the best way to confirm you’re a real human being.

Once you’ve done that, share this information with your entrepreneur, sports-loving, game-playing friends. Send this link – TheBetterWayToPlay.net – to everyone you know who 1) loves sports, or 2) would like to make a lot of money as a result of being in the right place at the right time.

Send an invitation code to your friends after they watch the video invitation and tell you ,”Sign me up!”

By Fall, when the game goes live, you can have hundreds – maybe thousands – of people on your team. You won’t make any money until then but if you build a team now, you could earn a very nice check!

So there you have it. That’s all I know. United Games is legit (they’ve already invested millions in development costs!) and there’s no risk to join because they won’t charge your card until September.

So start sharing this info with your friends and family. Just send them to www.TheBetterWayToPlay.net, and ask them, “Are you in, or are you out?”

Who knows? By the time the Super Bowl rolls around, you might find that joining UG is the best business decision you ever made.

This article was published on 29.08.2016 by Anthony Ford
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