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We’re finally about to leave this dreadful 2020 behind! This year was stacked with natural and man-made disasters, economic and mental collapse, bleeding healthcare and the untimely and unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands. No wonder we are all waiting for the year to end and find some peace of mind that it will all be over soon – and that 2021 will be better.

And hope, indeed, is what we have. Because throughout 2020, amazing advances have given hope that rose in science, technology, digital health, leadership and in basic human care and kindness. Anti-racist books topping the lists. More people wash hands than ever before. Neighbours caring, dogs adopted and people start searching for the real meaning of their lives. Although the current affairs always took the focus off of these positive consolidations, they were there and will stay with us in the future, giving hope not only for 2021 but for the years and decades way beyond it. Let’s have a look at them.


2020 so far: bushfires, floods, locust, earthquake, coronavirus - and the year's not over yet.

Devastating bushfires. A deadly pandemic. Living in lockdown while wild animals roam free in city centres. Experiencing curfews and cuts on our basic human rights, nature’s revenge on pristine lands, conspiracy theories, anti-vaxxer movements and clashes, police brutality, protests, the rise of fake news and people who believe them, incompetent politics and hesitant scientific decisions and other dystopian disasters – before 2020 we would’ve thought this could only come up in the oversized imagination of a Hollywood scriptwriter. 

But no. This is what we’ve been through, and honestly, I think we all have to lie back for a moment, take a deep breath and unwind for a second. We’ve made it so far and it wasn’t easy. But there is hope. I'll tell you why. Year of 2021 will be the year of peace and let praying to ask God to give us freedom of journey, freedom of learning and freedom of enjoys occasions.

I raise my case to God to compensation everything that lose in time of covid19 because economic was destroyed and starvation is become great this time.

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This article was published on 09.12.2020 by Gatuak Ruot Yiek
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