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So you have a MLM/Networking Marketing opportunity and you are ready to change your life and the lives of your loved ones. First, let me commend on you on taking the first step to reach your dreams. Furthermore, having a presence on this site increases your probability of finding like-minded people who may share your goals and help you reach your financial dreams.

It's amazing how simple various MLM and Network marketing programs seem initially. You sign up for a good business opportunity with a great compensation plan, introduce it to others who share your vision and Voila!!! You are a network marketing legend! However, we all know that isn't how it works for 97% of the people in this industry!! Oddly, it's not the program that determines your success but your approach to each program that leads to the 97% failure rate. If approached properly, almost any MLM opportunity can provide the residual income that you seek. I should probably say that again!!

If approached properly, almost any MLM opportunity can provide the residual income that you seek.

Now you might be thinking, “what the heck are you talking about?" I am talking about overcoming the three biggest obstacles to your success…money, recruiting, and retention! The 97% failure rate is a direct result of not being able to overcome these three huge obstacles through traditional means of building your business.

Money- Let’s face it takes money to start a MLM/Networking business and to make money you need the people you recruit to have a little money. In a traditional structure, you need either a “high ticket” product with a few hundred people in your downline or a “low-cost” product with a few thousand people in your downline to succeed. Neither of these models are sustainable because of the other two obstacles, “recruiting and retention”.

Recruiting- Nothing will derail your MLM/Networking Marketing business faster than the lack of a continuous stream of prospects entering your downline. You have this great opportunity, and it is human nature to pitch it to anyone with a pulse, family, friends, and even perfect strangers. Newsflash! No matter how good the opportunity seems to you, everyone is not a good fit. Furthermore, recruiting the wrong person will ultimately impact your long term retention. When the wrong recruit doesn’t make money in your program quickly they will leave the opportunity especially if they had limited money to start your program.

Retention- If your downline is not profitable quickly they won’t stick with the business opportunity. That statement seems very intuitive but it is amazing how often network marketers overlook this one simple premise. Prospects typically have limited funds to devote to a business opportunity and if they are not able to recruit the right prospects into their downline they will not get into profit. No profits equals no retention and a high attrition rate.

The solution to overcoming the three biggest obstacles is inexpensive (less than $140 one-time), involves multiple business opportunities and requires recruiting only five people with the right mindset. You can even get started with no money out of pocket. How much money do you think you could make if you joined a global organization that has thousands of people eagerly willing to join the same program you are promoting on your own? An organization, that not only addresses but overcomes the three biggest obstacles leading to your success. I can't give this to everyone, but I will extend this invite to the first 23 people (and only 23 people) who want to increase their income exponentially. Why "23"? I simply can't work with more than that 23 at this time. So please don't hesitate, this is an amazing opportunity to be one of the 3% that succeed in network marketing.

I look forward to hearing from the lucky 23!

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This article was published on 05.02.2016 by Stephen Pratt
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