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About Our Company Click Here to Learn 2 Earn: We are a gigantic manufacturing company. We actually compete against Proctor & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Lever Brothers and other manufacturing companies. We do not compete against Amway/Quixtar, Shaklee, Nuskin, Herbalife, Mary Kay, and Noni-Juice. We’re not an MLM – we don’t inventory, sell, deliver or touch people’s products. We are a catalog shopping company and people order through an 800# or online 24 hours a day. We are one of the fastest growing companies in all of North America. We are doing over 1.4 Billion in annual sales and we have had over 100,000 people recently join our company (that is over 1000 people a day on the average) in the last few months. We are exploding. Our environmentally safe and friendly products (Go Green Products) are so good that we have a 96.3% reorder rate with over 800, 000 people in our company worldwide – that is about 30 to 50% cheaper than grocery store or Wal-Mart prices. We manufacture products like pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care, sport fitness, laundry, bathroom, oral hygiene, cosmetics, weight loss and so on – products that you and your family are going to use today, tomorrow, next week and for the rest of your life or 50 years from now. Now, who uses these types of products? Everyone! Who are our potential customers? Everyone! We show people how to take a normal every day expense and turn it into an investment. No new money! With our 96.3% reorder rate our products are so great that once people use these everyday products and get them into their homes, they fall in love with them and they keep shopping month after month, year after year. We make our money from just telling people where we shop. We do a one-time referral and get paid for a lifetime. If we could show you better, cheaper, safer products that you could have delivered to your front door with a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, would you ever go back to paying full retail for poisonous products ever again? Does it make good common sense to save money with the economy being as bad as it is now-a-day’s? We will give you an unbelievable support system for free that normally would cost thousands of dollars. What Chemicals are in your Home…?? Click Here To Learn More: We have informational virtual tours that we put on seven day a week to see if this is something for you and your family. ( But, at least if you take the time to listen this could help you and your family. It takes about 45 minutes so that you can make an educated, informed decision about our great company to see if this is something that could change your life physically, financially, and mentally. I will be honest when most people hear this information, they join because it makes good common sense to save money on our great products and get the poisons and toxins out of their home. Contact US Today to schedule your personal virtual tour and/or Set up your personal wholesale shopping account.

This article was published on 19.04.2016 by Positvely Epic
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