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No Selling Required - all you need to do is your grocery shopping with LTW

Life Tree World offer an easier way to make money.  There is no selling required and your only commitments are:

1. To shop around £165-£199 every month (depending on what you buy); 

2. Refer 3 people to the business; 

3. Ask them to repeat steps 1 and 2, whilst continuing to do your £165-£199 shopping every month

It's very simple and easy to do alongside your current business(es).   After you find your 3 people (of which I help you with) your only commitment then is to do your monthly shopping every month - and that's it.  

I have members from Younique, Actiderm, Nu Skin, Forever Living, Usborne Books, Rosie's Boutique, Phoenix Trading, Jamberry, Juice Plus, Kleeneze, Oriflame and Natural Elements that have joined LTW as their only commitment is to do their 100pv every month and I help build their team.  The aim with us is to get you earning £200 within two months, more achievable than you think when you consider all people are required to do is shop for their online groceries.

UK only currently, but LTW have acquired licenses to start trading globally now.  You register to have your own business for £35 and that's it, no other costs required, just for your grocery shopping every month.  When you consider that there is no stock to hold, no customers to find, and you only need 3 people ever, this is a much easier business to operate.

I have been with Forever Living for 8 months and have had 0 sign ups, in 6 weeks I have had 17 sign ups with LTW and already earned £257 shopping in my first month.  Whilst struggling with sales with Forever Living, I decided to join LTW as it was an easy one to do alongside it.  The idea is simple, and it is most definitely working very well.

LTW started in February 2015 and have been growing rapidly.  The product range is continuously growing and they have plans to become the next Amazon marketplace.  Soon they will be a one stop shop for all our buying needs, and we will get paid just for doing what we already know how to do, shop.  By inviting just 3 others to your team, you can build yourself a great income starting from £200 to £50k each and every month.

Visit this link to find out more or email for more information 

This article was published on 01.04.2016 by Apsana Rahim
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