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If you can help me share A Great New Sports App, created by the creative designer of Madden Football, and many of your other favorite Sports Games This app will be live and interactive, and Great Fun.

The game is based on in-game predictions , involving your favorite teams. It will be 100% FREE to Download, and play.There will be a Live Chat, onSite, and Players will be able to manage their profiles, upload photos, videos, join Groups, make or block friends, etc. Affiliates will be paid Lifetime Commissions from all Players in their downline. 

This has a Tremendous following, already.Its Everywhere on Social Media, Its certain to go Viral, and when it does, All Affiliates player lists  will explode due to in-game sharing by players, who will be rewarded with tokens(our games currency) to invite others to play. Tokens will be able to be acquired in a variety of ways. Players can even earn tokens by viewing advertisements, in-app purchases, and by buying them. This is known as the "Freemium" model of app, which has proven to be extremely successful with Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and most recently, and profitably" Pokemon Go" 

This is a Very Easy, and Time sensitive Opportunity. Launch is in Fall 2016. Although the Affiliate program will be frozen Soon, Allowing Existing Affiliates the advantage in Signing Up Players. The One time Affiliate fee is $29.95, after that there is a monthly tech Fee of $9.95/month. I will personally guarantee your Affiliate Fee, 100% moneyback, if you do not profit in 1st month. There is NO WAY that you will not make yourself a Real Business out of this Affiliate Opportunity. The only question is How Much you will make, and that is entirely up to you. I have never done this kind of thing before and I have had a good amount of success. I already have 104 people on my team, as players or Affiliates. I will be paid a Lifetime commission on all of them, and anyone they share with, along with anyone they share with, etc. Your Downline has NO LIMITS!

Contact me via Email @ pettycashman@gmail.com, or by phone @ 917 795 6914. I am also on Facebook, and Twitter. Both accounts are in My Name, Peter Mazzella. I would love to talk to anyone who may be interested in becoming an affiliate, or even if you would just like to try it out for FREE, as a Player.

This article was published on 19.08.2016 by Peter Mazzella
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