The Easiest Way To Generate Good Quality MLM Leads

We need leads in our business if we expect to have any success.

So we are left with 2 options.

Continue hunting down people in person, or blasting our Facebook friends and getting banned for being too aggressive.


We can get good quality leads, by simply speaking to people who have either been in MLM before and understand it, people who like MLM business and tried a few of them out, people who are already in MLM, or people who have been known to try businesses similar to MLM.

Which option do you think would give the best result?

Which option would you prefer to use?


I can't say for sure which option you chose, but my gut feeling is you chose the same option I use.

Now, it's how this works, and how do you get these same type of leads for yourself.

All you need to do, is use the MLM Recruit On Demand System.

It is a very simple system that gives you a lot of good quality leads, and gives you the tools to generate your own as well.

Let me give you some details on how this system works, and why it is effective.


When you become a member, you pay a very small, one time fee of only $15.

Then you are sent 100 genealogy leads, and given a free autoresponder that sends you 100 business opportunity leads (yea these are the not so good ones)

From there, you have opened a door to do several things, and you of course NEVER pay a dime for leads again.... for the rest of your life.

When you first register, you become a P1 member.

Here is what the P1 gets you:

  • Never ending leads, request as you go
  • All the resources to generate your own leads
  • 5 leads for each lead you generate on your landing page
  • You get $15 via Paypal every time someone purchases the system from your referral link
  • Training Vault (scripts/recordings)
  • Contact Manager

Then you have the option to upgrade to P2.

I would take this option as it too is a very low one time fee of just $125.

Of course, no monthly fees, no more paying a cent for these leads.

Becoming a P2 member gets you:

  • All of the P1 options
  • Extra 200 leads to start with
  • $100 commissions for each P2 member you refer
  • Leads drop faster and more per day
  • Anyone you refer who does not upgrade, you get their referrals upgrades for more $100 commissions

And since more people you will speak to will be more open to using the system for their own business, you can expect a lot of commissions from working your leads.

So upgrading to P2 is important for getting those larger commissions from the work you do.

Now lastly there is the P3 option.

This gets you:

  • All of P2 options
  • 3 to 5 incoming calls a day (they call you now)

P3 is an option you must be able to take incoming calls.

It is a monthly service of $97.

I do not use the P3 level myself. I simply make my own calls. The choice is up to you. But I believe and know that the P2 level is where everyone should be. The P3 is for certain people only.


When you use the system, you get leads dropping into your contact manager everyday.

If you are willing to dial these leads, or reach out in email, you will find people to join you.

Just by simply calling leads on a daily basis, you find this type of result:

100 Leads =

  • 1 MLM signup
  • 5 MLM system commissions
  • 1-2 upgrades

Those are average results. You could get more or less.

You will find many of the leads may have a bad number, email, or are no longer using the info they had listed.

This is okay.

Once you have dialed all your leads, simply request more. So if you get a bad batch (it always happens no matter what leads you use) then request more once you work them. You will get good batches from time to time and those averages will be much higher. The idea, is to always dial, day after day, and you will build an MLM business quickly.


So, since you want to talk to higher quality prospects, you understand this system is a must.

I use it, and I see a lot of great prospects all the time. (I see some bad ones too)

Using genealogy leads usually gives better results than leads where people are looking for jobs.

GET THE SYSTEM TODAY and begin building your MLM business the easy way. 

P.S If you know you will be dialing these leads you are about to get, then do consider the P2 upgrade. It always comes out that many of your leads are happy with the business they are in. And that's okay.

Referring them to the system using the script line taught inside the system will turn a lead who otherwise would of been $0, into $15 to $115 of work.

Also, those who buy the system from you, will get to know you. Many outcomes are people said "NO" to joining the MLM but bought the system. Later coming back to join the MLM after all. Using this system consistently absolutely builds an MLM quick, and pays a lot of extra income to add.

This article was published on 22.08.2016 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden I'll be sure to reach out to you by email Eric. Thanks for commenting on this announcement!  1 year ago
Eric Block Wow sounds almost too good to be true, though I knew you can't lie as I'm gonna sign up. email me at My name is Eric.   1 year ago

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