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I am promoting a health and wellness business.  I'm a product of the product. I lost 22 pounds on the famous iaso all natural detox tea. This tea is phenomenal and has worked wonders for me and my family! In addition to the tea, total life changes offers over 40 more products that's are very beneficial for immaculate health. This company also has a phenomenal compensation plan that gets me excited. We get paid 5 differnt ways through this company. There are people that were broke and broken before this company  came into their lives. Some have become 6 figure earners and quit Corporate America. The rewards are huge! Just team up with me and our business can be global! I suffered from lots of health issues, but once these products were introduced to me and I  used them, I havent had problems with ibs, high blood pressure, migraines, or weight problems. I have not been in this industry long, but my family members have and they are living the American dream. Some of them have quit their jobs and some are on the verge of quitting soon. I currently own a trucking business, but if my health and wellness business goes the way I know it will, I'm going to turn it over to another family member and keep focus on total life changes. This is definitely a total life change and I want to share to as many people as possible. I just can't emphasize enough that this is really a phenomenal company. The bond is really like a family bond that never dies. I have already extended this business to 30 independent business operators and looking to go beyond that.  The CEO of this company founded this business to benefit the lives of others. He started in his basement, I think this speaks serious volume about where he wanted this company to go.  He also made it affordable to join and you don't have to have experience. The majority are amateurs, and they have made it to the top.  goals of this company is to change the lives of 1000 families, make 10k in 30 days, and 50k in 90. I am striving to be one of those families. I want to be the next success story. The link is http// Please feel free to check it out. Thanks 
This article was published on 24.06.2016 by Kendal Yvette Habersham
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