Pack 1

5$ pack

Mature at 130%

50 Ad Directory Credits

5000 Ad Credits 3% Daily

Pack mature after 44 days

Max Pack Purchase 100

5% Referral Commission

50 % Repurchase rules

Pack 2

10$ pack

Mature at 125%

100 Ad Directory Credits

10000 Ad Credits

3.5% Daily Earnings

Pack mature after 35 days

Max Pack Purchase 150

5% Referral Commission

50 % Repurchase rules


Pack 3

25$ pack

Mature at 120%

250 Ad Directory Credits

25000 Ad Credits

4% Daily

Pack mature after 30 days

Max Pack Purchase 200

5% Referral Commission

50 % Repurchase rules

Pack 4

50$ pack

Mature at 120%

500 Ad Directory

50000 Ad Credits

5% Daily Earnings   

Pack mature after 24 days

Max Pack Purchase 300

5% Referral Commission

50 % Repurchase rules

    About us
    What we are:

    Innovation click is an Online Advertising Platform with Revenue Sharing option. We are here to help online marketers, entrepreneurs, local business owners, and everyone looking for new traffic sources, to promote their products and services to a real targeted audience. Actually, our first and main goal is to provide you with High Quality advertising services that will help you reach an engaged audience especially in the "make money/e-marketing" niche.

    Earning Opportunity
    Earning Opportunity 1 - Referral Commission:

    We offer all our members 5% referral commission on every purchase made by their direct (Level 1 only) referral. The 5% referral commission is distributed directly in your main Balance.
    Earning Opportunity 2 - Profit Sharing:

    We share profits (excluding 5% that is paid as referral commission and an additional Admin Fee) from every product sale, with all members who have purchased Business Listing (Adpacks) from us. Each $5 value of Adpack gives you 50 Business Directory Listing Credits and 5000 ad credits. Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Business Listing (adpacks). We cannot and do not guatantee any speed of earning from profit sharing.
    How it works profit sharing?

    .Members must purchase Business listing (Adpacks).

    Once a member becomes eligible, profit share is distributed every 6 hours (00:00:00, 06:00:00 12:00:00 18:00:00 server time), if we have received sales for that period. This is done automatically and will continue till the Adpacks mature up to 130%. At this point it will cease to earn further.

    Every member can earn from revenue sharing without view ads daily but each member must view 100 ads before every cashout.

    Below are the AdPAcks offered at this site:
        Pack plan 1 : $5 adpack ,130% return ,No Requirements Max 100
        Pack plan 2 : $10 adpack , 125% return , No Requirements Max 150
        Pack plan 3 : $25 adpack , 120% return ,No Requirements Max 200
        Pack plan 4 : $50 adpack ,120% return , No Requirements Max 300

    The revenue from each pool is distributed to the active adpacks of the same pool only.
    Earning Opportunity 3:

    All members can earn by visiting websites listed in the "directory ads and ptc ads" page. These are ads listed by other members of our site.

    Long Term Sustainability
    Long Term Sustainability

    To maintain long term sustainability, 50% of Ad packs earnings (excluding referral commissions) is placed into a repurchase account. This amount can only be used to purchase more Ad Packs plan.


    Withdrawals are allowed every day at Innovation click. Minimum amount to withdraw is $10 and maximum amount each member can withdraw is $250 per day.


    We offers the following advertising products:
    Business Directory

    For every Ad Pack purchased, member gets 50 credits (for every $5 value of Adpack) to list their business in our Daily Surf Page. The listing are displayed in rotation with all other listings.
    Login Ads

    These ads are viewed by all members that login in to their account daily to surf the ads.
    PTC Advertisements

    Paid To Click advertising helps to get targeted visitors to your website / link.
    Banner Ads

    We offer rotating and fixed (static) banner ad packages, in 3 different sizes, (125x125,468x60,728x90).
    Text Ads

    We offer rotating and Fixed (static) text ad packages.

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