This is how one time $67 program changed my life!

Dear Associates,

I am a retired disabled Vietnam veteran. I live on a small pension awarded to me by the state.

I began my search for online business over a year ago. I tried many many programs, but none seem to work for me.

I spent a lot of money, and got very little results.

I read a study that said that 95% of the people that have online businesses make less than $100 a year.

Many companies want you to spend considerable amount of money upfront, before you ever make any money at all.

Now there are people that are making good money at those company. They have experience, developed a long list of people and have a great following. But for a guy to start now. There's really very little hope of making any good money.

Then by the Sweet Lord's grace, I happened to stumble on a company called Ad Rotator!

Ad Rotator is not a machine that rotates ads as many seem to think. Ad Rotator is more like a movement than a  online business.

The Ad Rotator philosophy is that you should make money first before the company makes money.

And all you really need to get started is $67 one time.

And to be honest with you I did not have a $67 the day I found Ad Rotator. I watched the 20 minute video, and could not sleep at all, that first night. I had seen the power of the Ad Rotator!

And it completely blew me away! Because I realize that I found something that could sustain me in the long run.

So excited to tell my sponsor how excited I was about Ad Rotator. But I would not have $67 into my check came in, that wouldn't be for 2 more weeks.

That is when I learned that there really is a lot of power in  Ad Rotation.

Because at Ad Rotator you're the boss. The CEO of your own company!

So when my sponsor found out I was so excited about Ad Rotator but did not have the money for two weeks.

She told me that because he was the CEO of her  own company. She could do what she wanted.

And what she wanted to do was to go ahead and give me the link and password so I can build my website,

and I could pay her the $67 in two weeks. My check came. So,

$67 change my life even before I had it, that is the power of the Ad Rotator.

So it took me a day and half to build my website. I had never done anything like that before.

And it was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, when my site was up and everything was working!

I worked hard to find my one up for my sponsor, and he came through while I was sleeping, I never even spoke to the person, He just saw my site, and found my sponsors link and signed up on his own! 

 He was my one up for my sponsor and then I can rebuild my website with a PayPal button and become my own boss. The CEO of my own company.

Recently there is a new McDonald's open just down the street. The owner of that McDonald's had paid $2 million for the franchise. And he attended hamburger school.

You know why every McDonald's is successful. Because they have a cookie-cutter setup that is the same in every McDonald's. That's why you can go into any McDonald's anywhere and get the exact same tasting food. And it is absolutely guaranteed to be successful.

Ad Rotator is same type of thing. Cookie-cutter formula guaranteed to succeed if you're willing to work.

Working online is hard work, don't let anybody tell you different.

So when I began my search for my one up,  I had no luck., or so I thought!

I was just about ready to become discouraged when my sponsor called and said congratulations to got your one up.

The truth is My one up had found my site first , but failed to bookmark it, and couldn't find it again. 

When he found my sponsors site and mentioned that he had seen my site first, she said, so you then your Coach James' one up! 

She was so kind, because she could have waited till I passed her another person, but NO, she helped me!

I have my one up and she had $67 and a pay stream to infinity, that's the way it's supposed to work!

It is wonderful to work with that quality of people they go out of their way to help you!

As I went into rebuild my website. And put the PayPal button on it. In my lack of experience I deleted the wrong file.

And the owner and founder of Ad Rotator, dropped everything on his day off, and went in and fixed my website! That is the quality of people that I found at Ad Rotator!

And this attitude is reflected throughout all the teaching and training on how to be successful with an online business.

That is why I said at the beginning, at Ad Rotator their philosophy is, that  you should make money first before the company. And so the training is awesome, So that you will be successful because if you're not successful, the company will never make a dime.

And as you know most Internet companies make a lot of money for years, before your successful.

So this is a one time $67, one up, educational platform that teaches you how to be successful online.

 And I might add, that  all the teachings I received so far, Are absolutely priceless! Worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

So on the second level is called the Executive Council. You have to be successful in your business to be allowed to join the  Executive Council. And at that time, the company makes $10 to your $20.

At that point the residual income starts to grow, because you're dealing with the successful people that are under you. That also want to develop some residual income, on top of the $67 payments and one up you receive all month long!

67$ changed my life, along with the extraordinary people that I found at Ad Rotator!

And I have been very successful for the first time with an online business!

Please before you join,  take along our look at the Ad Rotator, to see if it's a good fit for you. 

You can do Ad Rotator without it  interfering in any of the other stuff you are already doing on the Internet, or your, 9 to 5.

Please go to my website and download your free book, check out the 20 minute video, and learn the power the Ad Rotator. I must give you a warning, you might not be able to sleep!

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James

This article was published on 27.12.2015 by James Seal
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Ameur Turki hello, its very good what i read... giving me more advantages for my TLC business... strong compagny i work with... have successfull life and business.. my best wishes  2 years ago

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