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You think you dont have time for another opportunity? CHECK THIS OUT ANYWAY!!!

You think you dont have time for another opportunity? I completely understand because I felt the same way when I was approached by someone I knew. Even though I am open to hear out what someone is doing because it maybe something that I may want to use or promote but to tell you the truth I was a little put off by this person because they didnt really give me a chance when I showed them something that could have been beneifical for them. I think most of us here may have had a similar experience like this but I agreed anyway to show up to the webinar and give it a look. In my mind I already said no, I already had a list of reasons why I was to busy between my other projects, and children, not to mention distance learning that was added our plate, so there was just no way. 

I showed up, I listened, I didnt grasp everything so I showed up again and after listening to the presentation for a second time I reached out to the person who invited me and I told them to send me their link. This was a no brainer for me, when I found out that I didnt have to recruit and the company would pay me .5% to 1% daily it was time for me to act. I couldnt say Im busy, because I could just get in and do nothing and I would still earn!!!

Why would I keep this a secret? How could I keep this a secret?! Im not a person who likes to talk to my family and friends but I was talking to them. I didnt like to have video conferences but I was stepping out of my comfort zone because this was some place where everybody wins and I only received positive reactions (so far because you are always going to run into that negetive one, wont you). My goal is to let everybody see for themselves and make their own minds up, not decide that they will reject me so I wont say anything to them (we are all guilty of doing this at one time or another).

Whether you decided to be passive or be like me and start talking to people we all will win... but if you do decide to introduce this to others you will start to see the rewards coming in faster and faster. I want to have money hitting my account every second of the day and it will happen with this company!!! So I ask you to take a look at this opportunity, watch the entire video before making a decision me if you have questions, rewatch the video if you need to, you havent seen part 2 yet, lets get this rocking!!

 And to that person who introduced me to this company I want to say thank you, I know my words and body language was not that inviting and in conversation you told me that you were nervous to approach me but Im glad you did and Im glad that I didnt let pettiness get in the way. (Stop standing in your own way!!!) 

This article was published on 27.12.2020 by Shenita Whitaker
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