My story, My opportunity, My goal.

Hey there, 

I just wanted to share something about myself and the two yes TWO; MLM companies i am working towards building.

Five years ago I was living in a homeless shelter, with not a dollar to my name, no car, not even all of my belongings... severe family breakdown, relationship separation and almost full term pregnant with little to no hope for an exciting future. I decided enough is enough, I have studied and/or worked I had never been this low, I went through every charity imaginable and managed to get some money together for a government home and moved in luckily just 2 days before my son was born.

Ever since that moment in my life I have been determined and focused on the bigger picture, I was willing to do anything to keep me and my son afloat with food in our bellies and roof over our heads. 

Fat forward 2 years I am now a single mum to a beautiful little boy, I have had the ultimate of curveballs thrown at me at every corner, obstacle after obstacle but i never let it get me down; I tried to find work and you guessed it, I would make the interview stage, even the call back stage and would get knocked back for not having enough of a support network so i could guarantee my potential employers all of my undivided hours.

This is when it clicked I wanted to be home with my son, I wanted to earn an income as well as make our quality of living the best it can be.

Which brings me to my introductions to MLM I went to presentations, I did the research, I learned everything i could am still willing to learn more, I now am involved with ACN asia pacific (essential services) and It works! global (health wellness and skincare). 

Thanks to itworks! and ACN I now have a new car, I have stable home close to Melbourne, Australias CBD and best beaches, I also have money in the bank and I OWN everything ouright.

My goal is to show people it can be done you can make an amazing life with what i have to offer, which is uncensored mentoring and growth, I appreciate you taking the time to read my story... Leaders create Leaders, and that is my vision. 

If you are willing to come and meet me personally do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and Prosper.

Amber Maloney.

This article was published on 18.08.2016 by Amber Ruth
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Nam Kee Great Story Amber, cryptocurrency is your next choice, top ten highest earners in businessforhome, five from Onecoin is the new trend of the century.   1 year ago
Gala Paschalidis fantastic. Thanks for sharing  1 year ago
Ogene Charly Awesome  1 year ago
Kathleen Escalera awesome story - congrats on your success. blessings, Kathleen  1 year ago

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