The Difference Between Recruits and Business Partners

The Network Marketing business model allows anyone to start a business from home and recruit reps into their organization to build a passive income stream. That's powerful! Unfortunately, so many people have recruited friends, family, co-workers, and others into various business opportunities and basically sign them up to fail. That failure has caused many people to dislike the MLM business model and even resist it with pure disgust.

This is what happens when you sign up a recruit instead of a business partner into your business. The thing is, if you're simply signing up recruits, then the more the better. Recruits buy your products, recruits fill in the empty spots on your organization diagram, you know the drawing with circles that have people's names in them. Recruits will sometimes join you without the realistic understanding of what it will take to build a successful long term business. As if building a business from home does not require the seriousness, training, work, capital, strategy, and marketing as any other type of business. 

Recruits quit easily, sometimes at the first sign of adversity. They are lazy, don't show up for training, or just don't put training into action consistently. They jump from one opportunity to the next, in search of the next big opportunity and shiny object. If you have even been recruited by a recruit and joined a business opportunity with them, chances are that you have been basically trying to figure out how to grow your business without much in the form of leadership from them. Recruits want fast money yesterday and only see you as a number or a name in one of those circles mentioned earlier. 

Business partners, on the other hand, take value in relationships. They understand that it's not about quantity but the quality. It's better to have three people that are serious about their businesses and will work with you rather than one hundred that will quit for any of a million reasons and be unproductive. Business partners work together, they have master mind sessions, and they support one another. BP's add value to each other's businesses, even when they are a complete newbies. Nothing excites you as much as having a new business partner's business explode and be successful, you just want to tell everyone and it also get's the attention of others.  

If you are interested becoming a business partner and working with one instead of just being a recruit, feel free to connect with me. Simply click on the link below to visit my website. I'm sure we can work together even if your promoting another opportunity. In my business, I don't focus on building my primary MLM company, but instead my focus is on building my own company. For more information on what that means, please read my other business announcement titled, "Start and Build Your Own Company!"

Thanks for taking the time to read my article and don't forget to visit my website by clicking on the link: Visit My Website

Best regards,

Christopher Thompson

This article was published on 08.09.2016 by Christopher Thompson
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Christopher Thompson You are welcome Rufus.   1 year ago
Rufus Cross This is something very much worth understanding. Thanks Christopher for sharing your wisdom on this important subject.  1 year ago

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