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How much do you want to earn? Would 500, 1,000, or 2,500/month make a difference? More? Start by referring a couple of friends, to cover your own plan costs. Refer more and build a monthly residual income.

No MLM..! No Pyramids..! No Shipping..! No Catalogs..! No Hard Sell..!

Just Give Friends Your URC to Enroll for a Free Trial at:

Not only do we pay you, month after month, to refer family and friends, but they build your customer base for you too. We have a unique Pass-Up Process whereby your referrals pass you every other referral they introduce!

Refer just two people in your first month or two, and you can cover your own plan costs, and then subsequent referrals are alternately either passed up to the person who introduced you or they are left with you, so you get paid.

Say you refer ten people over a week, month, or year. Half are passed to the person that referred you, so you only get monthly referral fees on the 5 you keep. That doesnt seem fair! You just gave away half of your customers!

However, when those 5 that you keep refer 10 members each themselves, half of those are passed to you. So, you get paid for your 5, plus 25 you were given = 30 customers you are getting paid on. Sound Fairer Now..? So, as everyone is motivated and incentivised to refer others, we are not just looking for customers, or members, we see all of our satisfied customers/members as Partners in this exciting venture. So, you will see us referring to them all as Partners...

We have Four Compensation Levels to reward you for your efforts:

Refer a Friend Program

Earn at least 4/month on every active Partner that you keep, with no minimum quota

Pass-Up Partners (Paid on all Partners that you keep or that are passed up to you)

Bronze: Enroll at least 1 new partner/month and earn 6/partner/month

Silver: Enroll at least 4 partners/month, and earn a 33% raise to 8/partner/month

Gold: Enroll at least 8 partners/month, earn a further 25% raise to 10/partner/month

Lets assume after covering your own membership cost, you want to build a significant residual monthly income. Make 2 referrals every month, adding 24 in your first year, you will keep and be paid on 13. You will pass up 11.

However, if the 13 Partners that you keep, and all those that follow, also add 2 new Partners every month, after one year you could be earning around 18,000/month! That is the beauty of compounding and our unique pass-up process.

Put Another Way; How Much Do You Want To Earn?

What would it take to earn a certain monthly residual amount? What do you want to earn? This table shows how long it would take for your monthly income to build to 500, 1,000, 2,500, or 5,000.

We have used averages here to demonstrate the potential, starting with our Partners enrolling an average of 2 new Members per month. Our actual current average, year to date is 1.75, as at the 1st of July, 2020. So, an extra push to reach a 2/month average with your help can create these types of results. We have had Partners join us and enroll their first 4 referrals in their first 24hrs, so these average goals are not out of reach.

This article was published on 03.07.2020 by David DRB
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