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Hello, my name is Sydney, and I am with LifeVantage! I absolutely love the products, as they now sponsor a professional soccer team...The Baltimore Ravens are also on the product! The business opportunity is at its best right now. It's proven the most successful people (receiving 80% commission from the company) in a NM company are within the first 125k. Right now, as you read this, we're sitting at 70,000 with a window of opportunity lasting now through the next 14-20 months. After that, there will be a million distributors worldwide. The company, LifeVantage, will be a multi-billion dollar company within 3-5 years. Those living in Texas and OK will have a huge impact as here are only a handful of distributors in each...the market is yours! Anyone seeking NM internationally, the market is in 9 countries...expecting to be worldwide in just those few years. Watch did an ABC primetime show on Protandim, an all natural pill that reduces the oxidative stress (aging process and linked to multiple diseases/illnesses) by 40% in 100% of people tested. It will be in every doctor's office before you know it!  Products: axio (all natural energy drink), Protandim, skincare, fitness line (protein, fat burner, cleanse, probiotic) and protandim for canines! 

For those interested in helping your canines, try the Canine Protandim! 

The science behind it is NRF2. The products derive from 5 all-natural ingredients, that separately aren't near as powerful as they are together. It has 3 patents and is written about in medical journals and articles. Sanjay Gupta wrote about it in one of his books and devoted 8 pages to Protandim.....with no ties to the product. This will be the next big thing and be lucky you're reading this. If ANYTHING, try it now solely because of the timing of learning about LifeVantage. In 2 years, when every American is expected to have heard its name, it will be too late. 

Also, LifeVantage has studied the network marketing companies and made their system easier to follow and without the disadvantages of other companies. For example, once you receive your Jeep, it's yours. You don't have to maintain a sales quota to pay your lease! Also, it can be passed down through generation. If you decided to pass the business onto your children, they don't have to start over. The residual income is always yours! 


Message me to be in a top tier! I will help you get the distributors under your leader:) to sign up! When you Sign 3 people up: You've  made your investment back and you can try the product as well! 

This article was published on 04.04.2016 by Sydney Cox
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Katia Escalera Interesting, is it in Bolivia yet, by chance? :)  1 year ago

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