Why start a cryptocurrency home based business?

The home based business is a booming market.  Into this market has stepped another sector that has the potential to change the way we conduct our financial transactions.  I am talking, of course, about crytocurrency.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and is currently the grandaddy of them all.  It rose in value from less than a dollar per coin to over a thousand dollars a coin.  The return for those who participated in the very early days and sold at the height was astronomical.  One particular story is of the Norwegian student who bought about $22 worth of bitcoin and sold it for over $800,000.  It is reported that he bought a flat in Oslo with the money.  That must be the cheapest flat in history! (you can read the full story here by clicking on the link).

As a result of the explosive growth of bitcoin (even now it is worth over $500 per coin) a number of other cryptocurrencies have sprung up.  All are hoping to be the "next bitcoin".  I will look at the one I believe has the best potential to fulfill this ambition in a seperate article.

Here I want to focus on why you should join a home based business in the digital money arena.  Most network marketing businesses require you to make sales or to sponsor new people into the business.  One of the reasons why so many people quit network marketing is because they are not able to do this on a large enough scale to get the kinds of income that are often cited as being possible.

The digital money arena offers a solution for this because of the nature of the opportunity.  When you become a member of a cryptocurrency opportunity you are tasked with marketing "mining services".  As part of your membership you are expected to purchase this service for yourself (after all if you dont use it how can you sell it).  Mining is the way to get digital coins.  It is possible to do it independently but given the technical know how involved a lot of companies offer this service as the main product that members market via the network marketing (NM) model.

In a traditional NM business you become a member (the membership includes sample products etc) and then have to make sales of the product for a commission.  If you are not able to do this you do not make any money and you eventually quit.  With a cryptocurrency business you purchase the mining service (the product) and then use it.  This means you are acquiring coins which build into an asset (a substantial one if the coin rises in value as you would expect it to).  Even if you do not manage to sell to others you can still achieve a level of income which makes the venture very worthwhile.

A cryptocurrency business using the network marketing model works well for those who are not able to make big sales/sponsor lots of people.  It works fantastically well for those who can do both these things.  There are not many NM businesses that can make this claim!!

I firmly believe that cryptocurrency will change our world of finance for the better.  Those who participate in this revolution will, I expect, be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.  Every should, in my opinion, consider involving themselves in this, the next revolution in money.irmly

If you would like to know more about how to get started in this exciting and lucrative opportunity then feel free to contact me or visit my website

This article was published on 24.08.2016 by Shamsul Hayat
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