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At four corners alliance group you join with a once - off fee of $18.00 / R270.00 and there are no monthly fees once you become a member you are a member for life 

Becoming a member at four corners alliance group gives you access to a line of financial education products ( e-books. Pdf)  ranging from:

* investing in gold & platinum 

* property investments 

* forex & bitcoin 

* getting out of debt ( credit card debt)

* multi level marketing 

* how to buy and sell shares 

* economy and cycles 

* crypto currency

* multi level marketing 

The aim is provide an opportunity for the average person to understand how the global financial system works so that they are armed with the knowledge to make formed decisions based on global market. So this way a person both earns a sum of money while learning through quality education. 

The first step in buidling the your team through four corners alliance group is to complete your first level by recruiting 4 people to join four corners and help them complete their own 1st level by recruiting their first 4 people and also complete their first levels and when they all duplicate the process 6 times you would've reached your 6th level 


Level 1 : you recruit 4 people you earn $18.00 

Level 2 : those 4 invite 4 people = 16 people, you earn $64.00 

Level 3 : those 16 sign up 4 people = 64 people, you earn $640.00 

Level 4 : those 64 sign up 4 people = 256 people, you earn $6,144.00 

Level 5 : those 256 sign up 4 people = 1,024 people, you earn $16,440.00 

Level 6 : those 1,024 people sign up 4 people = 4, 096 people , you earn $491,520.00

Total = $559,824 / R8,397,360

That's how powerful the four corners alliance group compensation plan is all you do is pay a once off fee of $18.00 and invite only 4 people in your first level and helpe them get their 4 personals 

However if you don't bring in 1 person you still get paid a lot of money through spill overs 

You also earn a monthly residual income of up to 76K per month plus 100% match commissions from everyone body you directly refer as your 4 sign ups earn $559,824.00,  you get matching meaning you earn 4×556K = 2.2 million annually 

And there's a monthly news letter subscription it is the second product that you can have access to when you join four corners alliance group 

To get the news letter is $29,95 ( optional ) from what you are paid 80% commission residually 

And there's four corners alliance group retail store so even if you are not part of the business you can also purchase the products and the newsletter from the company's retail store 
This article was published on 24.09.2016 by S'busiso Khumalo
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four corners alliance group - financial services, 18 USD to join

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