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Have You Ever Heard of Parallel Marketing?

Have you ever heard of Parallel Marketing? 

If you haven't I'll explain it for you in just a minute, but first I'd like to get a little acquainted with you. 

I'm new to the MLMGateway community. Only been a member for about a month. And I love what I see here. Really wish there was something like MLMGateway around when I first got started in network marketing. You see I got started in the industry when you had to "Make a List" and then you were to contact the people on that list for an appointment to go over to their house and show them something REALLY exciting. That something exciting? "The PLAN." 

For those of you who've been around awhile, you know what company(s) required you to do that. Also there was utilizing the "three-foot rule", and cold-calling of prospects. 

So that's why I love the fact that we can fast-forward to today and take advantage of the technology of the day. No more hassling friends and family, no more three foot rule, no more inviting everyone you know over to your house so your sponsor can "show the plan", and no more winding up being a member of the NFL club. And no, sports fans, I'm not talking about the National Football League. 

In this case I'm referring to the NFL club as for NO FRIENDS LEFT club. 

Trust me, back in the day your friends didn't even want to see you coming because they knew you were going to try and sell them on looking at your business. And before you knew friends left. 

Thank God for the Internet, voice broadcasting and websites like MLMGateway. Now, even the most introverted guy or gal has a shot at building a downline that could pay them the extra money to make a car payment or afford the vacation of their dreams. 

And this brings me to the question I asked you earlier.  Parallel Marketing? 

Parallel Marketing is when you offer someone something of value that other networker's need which, in turn, helps them build THEIR business. This brands you in their eyes as someone they can trust. Therefore developing a bond of friendship between you and them. 

I believe the resource I'm about to introduce you to is perfect for Parallel Marketing and thus helping you build YOUR business. 

And to think I found this resource by accident. One night I was speaking with a fellow networking friend who asked me as to whether or not I had ever heard of a site that was ideal for networking with fellow networkers. I responded with no, never heard of it. Anyway, I took his advice and went over to the site and started reading some of the comments of it's members. Then I noticed some of the members kept talking about a site called MLMGateWay. I figured I had better check this site out too. Next thing I knew, I was signing up as a free member, then happily upgrading.

The resource I mentioned earlier will help you increase enrollments into YOUR business. Plus there is actual training that's afforded to you too! And right now, for a limited time you can sign up for free and receive a Lifetime membership.   

And now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. This resource/tool/service will allow you as a free member to be paid for bringing in other FREE members. How cool is that right?'s the link to hear an industry veteran explain what could very well be the secret to your business exploding within the next few months.   

Go here now ==>

This article was published on 05.12.2016 by Frank F. Mayes
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