Crowd1 business opportunity

Hi Please join my team if u are interested ,

have u had about CROWD1.

Rocking it with Crowd1! Have tried a lot of online and MLM stuff and this is by far the easiest and makes the most financial sense. No monthly loyalty fees, no pricey products to stock and sell, just insanely generous earnings and fantastic wealth and personal development education packages. And watch this space because Johan Stael von Holstein is our new CEO! 


U can  join and decide not to recruit u still enjoy the benefits of being shareholder and get  dividend .

��BUT Did you know That when you introduce someone who is Joining with White package R1800 on Crowd1 you earn +-R600 (,Per person��

���Did you know That when you introduce someone who is Joining with Black R5500 On Crowd1 you get +-R1300


��Did you know that when you introduce someone who is Joining with Gold(R14.500) on Crowd1 you earn  +-R3500


��Did you know that when you introduce someone who is Joining with Titanium(R43000) on Crowd1  you earn 

+-R14800 ����

There  is no Company that pays more than  crowd1

Did you know that when you Reach level 15 You will be earning +-R66000 per month������

Did u know that when u reach a Director rank u will earn +- R300 000 per week����

Did u know that when u reach a President rank u will earn +- R1million per week����


How do we make money with Crowd 1?


� Buy a Profit Share package and receive owner rights (Profit Shares ) 

�Current Owner Rights Price = €1.28

Owner Rights Price is predicted to sky rocket in the next few months �� 

White €99(+-R1800) 

⭐Receive 78 free Owner Rights 

⭐Worth €100

Black €299(+-R5500)

⭐Receive = 234 free Owner Rights

⭐Worth = €300

Gold €799(+-R14500) 

⭐Receive = 781 free Owner Rights

⭐Worth = €1000

Titanium €2499(+-R43 000)

⭐Receive = 2 734 free Owner Rights

⭐Worth = €3500

� Profit Share dividends will be payable after the company launches. 

�Thereafter, company says...... if u would like to improve your financial situation and also help other people to do the same, u can share the business with your friends, colleagues, family etc. and Crowd1 will reward u with bonuses and commissions below:

1. Streamline Bonus

2. Binary Bonus 

3. Matching Bonus

4. Affiliate Resudual Bonus 

5. Fear of Loss Bonus



They share the business with other people‼

for more info:

*Note: zar/euro exchange rate fluctuates and Owner Rights predictions are not guaranteed*

Register here��

“Read terms and conditions for  qualification” or attend zoom meetings business is global. Telegram

WhatsApp +27 60 720 1337.

This article was published on 26.09.2019 by Lungile Mthembu
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