They Kicked Me Out Twice and then Gave Me A Diploma

Today is an interesting day...

Well, everyday is interesting in 

everyone's life, we just have 

been conditioned to believe

that that is not the case.

Yes, that thought is pretty

much aligned with 

what I am feeling today.

You see, I am at Nova

Southeastern University.

More specifically, yours 

truly is at the place that 

kicked him out of Optometry

School twice!

That was two years of my life

that I spent setting myself up 

to fail BIG time!

The best part of that saga

is that I was ruled by

my ego and went to Puerto Rico 

and gave another 4 years

of my most precious

commodity to getting 

through optometry and 

getting that diploma.

Then I worked for 6 years

and was treated like a

piece of equipment 

with a heartbeat.

And to believe that I

got $250K in debt to 

make money that way.

Today, I am back at Nova

looking for where to take a 

test to get my Florida Optometry


By the way, I am not going

to go back to working

in a room without 

windows and having 

no choice over who I

work and give value to 

in exchange for $$.

My plan with this Florida

license is to use it to hire other

doctors to work for someone 


As I walk these halls,

the arrogance and pride of

the students walking around

like they are going to rule

the world once they get that

degree has me buzzing.

These future healthcare

providers have no idea that

they are getting in debt to

become high paid employees.

And they will be so obsessed 

with their image and maintaining

that image,that they will put 30 to 40 years

of work before they can be a master

of their own time.

They will have some money in

those decades of hard work, but 

they always be sacrificing their

precious time for that financial


So how did I make the change?

How can you make the change?

Maybe you are not a professional,

but you are still putting in hours 

to make ends meet and put 

food on the table and a roof over

your head.

Wouldn't you like to know how

to flip this script that we are 

conditioned to accept?

Well, you are in for a treat

because I am gonna give you 

a chance to learn from the 

experts that helped me change 

my mindset to serve me rather

that desert me.

And you're even more fortunate

because they just opened this 

type of training to the public 

and you are eligible for their

early bird special!

Start your new life here.

Here for you success,

Fernand Jimenez

The Dream Manifestor

Keep Growing. Keep Sharing Keep Loving. 

This article was published on 03.08.2016 by Fernand Jimenez
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Luis Castillo Very interesting Fernand, I can't wait to know the money I can make with your biz...thanks for share this article with everybody!!!  1 year ago

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