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Cold Market Prospecting

Prospecting is the keystone/pillar of network marketing, it is the only way you can grow your network, net-worth, business and customers alike. If you are like me who did not get support from their hot and warm market, which would have catapulted your business faster, then your next option would be the cold market. 

This market is different, these people do not know you at all let alone trust you, do not know your reputation, where you have and what your dreams are , your struggles, what you know or do not know about the business your are currently trying to present to them. It may seem like a daunting task but its actually an opportunity. The opportunity is to be able to present yourself to these 'strangers' the greatest opportunity you have come across and how it is or has changed your life or outlook in life.

Interviewing people in order to get to presenting your business opportunity is very effective, only if your execution of this strategy is effective to get to that point. The most important thing is to get people to talk about themselves to you, be genuinely interested in the other person because people love talking about themselves. Once you get the rapport built up go deeper in the following fashion.

Family/ friends - get to them to talk about their family and relationships because relationships matter most business comes second this helps to build rapport.

Occupation - ask what he /she does for a living, this gives you an insight of their 'possible ' challenges they need to tackle or overcome, giving you better insight on how you need to deliver your opportunity and how it will help solve their challenge(s)

Recreation - ask what he/she do outside work be it leisure, business. Again this helps you on the points you need to touch on when you invite them for a presentation.

Message - this is when you invite the person / possible business partner for a presentation incorporating what they would have told you from your initial questions you posed.

There are again connotations you need to listen for when asking the questions alluded of above. You need to create / extract this information when talking to your prospect and use the information to invite he or she to see the presentation. Look out for:





Get the S-I-G-N acronym imprinted in your mind and interviewing your prospects becomes easier as you already have questions that create rapport which is needed to get the ball rolling to you presenting your opportunity. 
This article was published on 18.08.2021 by Darlington Chinyadza
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