My name is Kedrick Evans and I am a 26 year old traditional business owner of 8 years now in the carpet cleaning industry. The name of my company is called "Family 1st Carpet Care." I started this company with my aunt and uncle back in Summer 2012 and took over full operations in 2014 as they ventured off into other businesses. I've managed to do fairly well grossing 70-90K in annual revenue, but just like any other traditional business in America, due to COVID-19 my business began to suffer. 

I've been comfortable cleaning carpet and being in business for myself and being in control of my own schedule for years, so I didn't want working for someone else to become an option! I wasn't exactly sure of what to do, but I knew that regardless of what I do, my goal was to find something Essential… So I spoke to my mentor of 3 years for advice because he was very successful in Corporate America doing Insurance for 9 years, making 6-figures annually. 

Even though my mentor did great, he didn't have much time as he was working 70-90 hours a week and his mom became a victim of cancer, which cause him not to want to miss another moment of her life. Ultimately he showed me a program that helped him replace his 6-figure income in insurance after 1 year and helped him have more time with his mom who eventually beat cancer! I'm so grateful to say because of him showing me this opportunity, I have been able to live a stress-free life, having more time and money to provide for myself & my kids. I didn't know if it would work for me at 1st but because of the system that's in place within the company, the support, & the daily trainings involved. It literally makes it nearly impossible to fail if you follow the people whose done it!

This all started with a one time $199 investment and $25 a month to maintain my website. I've learned being in business for 8 years and making different investments that the possibilities of you making your initial investment back usually takes 1-3 years depending on your company and industry and most fail in their 1st 5 years. In this company I've managed to make my investment back within 24hrs which gave me all the confidence I needed! I understand you can make money doing anything but it doesn't mean anything if you're not growing mentally/spiritually. 

Our company has such a simple concept that anyone can do it regardless of your race, gender, or background because everyone is involved, We Get Paid When People Pay Bills." This is so mind blowing everyday for me to wake up and know that I have a company that I can do business with offering essential services, sign up a customer one time and get paid up to 20% of their bill month after month & year after year they pay their bill! I remember going into Starbucks before COVID-19 and seeing everyone go crazy when the internet didn't work! That's when I realized people are addicted to the services we offer and I don't have to convince them on something they need, want, or could save money on! We only deal with 2 types of people #1 People who want to make money! #2 People who want to save money! Whether you're in category number 1 or 2 we want to support you and your family at this time during this pandemic. Visit our website to enroll as a business partner or become a customer. We offer "discounted rates" that aren't available to the general public through service providers you already love & trust! If you have any additional questions, you may contact me directly through phone or email. Please know that no matter your circumstances in life currently it doesn't determine your future, it's up to you to make life happen!

Contact :832.725.7563
Facebook :2nd Chance Essentials

Kedrick Evans

This article was published on 07.08.2020 by Kedrick Evans
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ACN - Essential Utilities, 224 USD to join

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