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Collectibles going MLM - Millions of Collectibles valued at 2 Billion+ Dollars!

Do you remember the cars, cards, figurines, dolls and other items that you played with when you were growing up? I bet you wished that you had kept them safe in the package because today they would be worth lots of money. 

Well, how would like to have a Blast From The Past. We have one of the largest collection of collectible items in the world. This collection has been building over the last 40 years and is still growing daily. Our company has 3 warehouses full of items that we are going to make available to the public.  We have NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL products. We have unopened packs and complete boxes of cards. We have unopened packs that could contain a Mickey Mantle card. 

Other items that we have include Nascar, Beanie Babies, Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Barbie Dolls, Vinyl Records,  Pokemon cards, Matchbox cars, Dragon Ball Z cards,  plus many other items. 

Now the best part, you can be a part of bringing this massive collection to the public. We have created an MLM business around our massive collection. This is the first MLM to have collectibles as their product and we have NO COMPETITION.  You will have your own website created by the company and it will have all our items listed in categories.  All you do is get your customers to the website. Customers can search and purchase their favorite collectible. You don't handle the items, you don't ship any items and you don't collect any money from the customer. The company will do all that for you and pay you for your efforts. The company is debt free because all the items are paid for. We estimate that we have enough items already in stock to supply this MLM for 10 years plus we add more items every day. We have tractor trailer loads of items coming in weekly.

We are looking for leaders who can see the potential with our business. We are still in pre launch and we will be launching very soon. Now is a great time to get involved with something new and unique. This is going to be a lot of fun as well as make our members a lot of money.

This video goes into depth and explains the opportunity. The presenter is our very experienced team leader.  I know that after you watch the video you will want to register for FREE. The official website is not complete at this time since we are in pre launch and they are loading thousands of items daily,  so here is the way that you can register.  Your Sponsor will be William Henson when you go here to lock in your spot,

This article was published on 07.06.2023 by William Henson
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Laur Ainelo Very interesting opportunity!  1 year ago

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