No Time Like the Present!

It's so easy, don't you think, to just coast along with your usual routine day after day?  There's nothing quite like that "comfort zone".  But after the year we've had, I find myself speaking to many individuals that are spending  time questioning their daily habits and wondering just where they're going.  Sort of an early mid-life crisis if you will!

I fully understand that kind of pondering, and think it's an opportunity to really step up and make some changes.  All too often we ignore the prompts that life sends us, but I believe now is the time to really take stock.

I posted a saying recently on my Facebook page, "and suddenly you just know it's time to start something new, and trust the magic of beginnings".  I'm not sure if someone famous said that, but it certainly resonated with me and many of my followers. 

Some key worlds there - trust and magic of beginnings. 

I wonder if that's the issue really - maybe we don't trust ourselves enough, and forget the magic of the new, and focus instead on fear and failure - the "what if's".

So, maybe you should ask yourself, 

  • if I'm not entirely happy now, what is it that is creating the unhappiness?
  • what would I change if I could?
  • what is it that I really and truly want for myself or my family and
  • why am I not doing it?
If your answers reveal a fear or mistrust, where has that come from?

  • parents, teachers, friends telling you their failure stories?
  • people who aren't successes themselves or who have never taken a chance?
  • partners who fear change and maybe make you feel guilty for wanting to?
The list of questions and reasons for not changing is probably endless.  My suggestion is that you have a quiet conversation with yourself and start a journal.  Keep it private, be honest with yourself, and once you feel able to make a decision, stick to your guns!  This is your life, nobody else's.  Explain yourself to people who are important to you and ask for their support.  Don't necessarily ask for their opinion.  That could easily derail you.  After all, their opinions are based on their own fears and uncertainties and you don't need theirs as well as yours!

So what am I ultimately saying?  My musings over the years, and most recently these past 12 months have brought me to the stage of decision making.  There's no time like the present.  #Get it done # make it happen #createyourgoals #changeyourlife.  Not tomorrow.  Today.

Thanks for your time.  My name is Zsuzsa (Ziggy to those who find it easier!) and you're invited to visit my website and learn more about me and my business.  Who knows, maybe it's something that is right for you too.

This article was published on 10.04.2021 by Zsuzsa Veress
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