Get Paid $250 Per Week for Watching Videos

A new Advertising Platform called THW Global invites you to join their platform that allows you to earn $25 per hour OR $250 per week just for watching videos, commenting and viewing ads on their website. However, as a new member you are required to view the initial 10 hours in order to qualify to earn. You will not get paid for these first 10 hours of viewing. It is the gateway to become a member on the site. 


First you register to become a member, then MAKE SURE you are logged in before you start viewing videos. Once logged in you can start click on any video that you see and your tokens for viewing the video will be awarded accordingly. Unlike in most cases when viewing videos online, here you will want to watch ads and click on them - DO NOT skip them like we usually do on YouTube and other similar sites. Ads help accelerate your earnings in this case. For every 34 seconds of an ad watched that's 1 token earned for you. Pretty cool huh? So the longer the video the more you earn. See examples of videos below and the action steps you would have to take in order to earn.

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Once your initial 10 hour view is done now you can start viewing towards your earnings. You have to view videos for a minimum of 5 hours a week. Although they say you earn $25 per hour, if you don't view the required minimum hours you will forfeit all your earnings for that week. It's easy to work 5 hours in. You can do this while you are watching television, while doing other things online, etc. You can play the video in one window and open another window to continue with your other online tasks. Now you are earning for your time. The maximum time required for you to view videos is 10 hours a week. This will qualify you to earn the maximum of $250 a week, which adds to $1000 per month. You can earn more than this, 6 figures, if you decide to build a team. 

You get paid $5 commissions for your downline's hour worth of viewing and $1 for their downline viewing videos for an hour, up to 10 levels deep. Meaning if your downline views videos for 5 or 6 hours then that's $25 or $30 for you, and if their downline views videos for 5 hours then that's $5 for you, and their downline's downline and so on and so forth. The ability to earn 10 levels deep means you will want to build a team and assist your downline to build theirs. You see how awesome this is? It's easy to get to the 6 figure income here. Even if you are not interested in building a team, earning $1000 for just viewing videos is still a no brainer and a fun way to earn online. 


So the site pays in tokens. When you check your earnings you will see tokens instead of cash. See picture of my back office below. These tokens can be redeemed for for shopping vouchers on Amazon, eBay, and other partners. AND it can also be redeemed for cash, through PayPal, SolidTrustPay, etc. This is very exciting. The more tokens you have the more money you have in your pockets. So build a team and view videos. See picture below.

Here's How My Back Office Looks Like At The Time Of Writing This Article

This is a weekly view. Hence you see 24 Sep. So it's the week from 17 September until 24 September. The next one is from 25 September until 1 October respectively. This gives you an idea of how many tokens you've accumulated for a given week and how you are doing so far, how many videos you watched, total length of the videos combined, ads served, etc. 


There are two membership types in THW Global. The first one is called an IV (Independent Viewer), this is the entry level and the most common type of membership. As an IV you can only earn $1000 a month - $250 a week, however, you can still build a team and build your income to astronomical levels. However, as far as getting paid for watching videos it will just be a maximum of $1000 per month. Watch videos for a minimum of 5 hours a week or maximum of 10 hours a week then redeem your tokens. That simple. Yes you may still watch more than 10 hours of video of course but it will not count towards your earnings.

The second level is called Certified IV. This is a paid membership and is currently being discounted for a limited time. As a Certified IV you get access to a variety of things such as, training and tools to work with your potential clients, training on how to make sales for your business, advertising on the platform itself, sharing on other bonuses that the company cashes in, etc. And unlike the free membership (the IV) you are not required to watch the initial 10 Hours before you start earning - you waive this requirement. Meaning you plug in and start earning. Another advantage is that you can earn as much as you want for watching videos, you are not limited to the maximum 10 hour work per week for you to earn. The sky's the limit. 

So imagine as a Certified IV, earning however much you want per month, and building your team at the same time? That's insane.  


Amongst other things like Certified IV membership fees and power leg memberships, the site also makes money from advertisers. So advertisers pay THW Global money to bring them traffic to their businesses and services, then THW Global pays its members for viewing and interacting with these businesses. THW Global is a middle man. Advertisers pay them for traffic - IVs and Certified IVs - members of the site; The Advertisers get leads and sales (by members signing up for their offers), and WE (IVs and Certified IVs) get paid for taking our time to watch these ads and videos fro advertisers. Everybody is happy. THW Global pays us a portion of what they advertisers pay them. It's a pretty cool mutual relationship.

THW Global is in the beginning phases and yet has accomplished so much. The best is yet to come. You are in for one lucrative ride. Become a member and start earning Today. Click Here to register.

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This article was published on 01.10.2016 by Vincent Mbatha
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