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The Money Center project was founded on July 11, 2015 and is a modern system of money transfers. The platform offers companies and individuals a simple and reliable way to exchange money from one electronic system to another. 

Millions of people are benefiting by using Money Center service tools:

Instant money transfers around the world;

Profit from the each committed exchange of funds;

Reliable and convenient service that eliminates the risk of loss of funds;

Complete privacy and data protection for our members.

Money Center products

Money Transfer

MONEY CENTER's Money Transfer system is a secure, easy and instant way to send funds via the Internet. This product is available through a free member's account. We offer a great alternative to traditional methods of sending money.

When transferring funds from one account to another, the money stays in the system of Money Center. This helps to avoid delays and additional fees imposed by banks and other financial institutions for the transfer of money.

Sharing resources between electronic systems and wallets

This product is innovative and has no analogues.

At the moment, there are thousands of companies on the Internet that accept payments using different payment systems.

Our regular customers are online shops, banner networks, Forex brokers, binary options, online auction sites, bookmakers, on-line game resources, Internet currency exchange points, merchant accounts and others. When going about their normal business all of these organizations have to exchange about 90% of their received funds to the necessary currency of another payment system.

Usually before these exchanges take place through intermediaries, and due to the need to exchange currency types, these companies lose between 3% and 10% of theirs funds. We brought in our system of resources to exchange currency. Thus, a favorable environment was created, through our service, where companies and individuals can make exchanges at a mutually favorable rate. Moreover, you do not need to be registered (or to have an account) with the payment system where you are purchasing currency. You just make an exchange on our website using a single account. After that, we get the amount of money that you have ordered in any payment system and we transfer this money to our account in our payment system. By the same principle all subsequent exchange transactions that we make on your behalf occur in the same way.

Financial Plans

An investment by a member is the transfer of funds to the trust management by MONEY CENTER in order to profit from the exchanges on the Stock Exchange of electronic payment denominations by MONEY CENTER staff. Financial plans have a number of varieties, which differ in the amount of invested funds, timing and profitability.

MCpay is an electron-money wallet used in the MONEY CENTER service, it is denominated in the internal electronic unit MCpay.

The MC Electronic wallet is the intellectual property of the Company. All funds that are held on this wallet are the property of the client (the owner of the wallet). This allows you to remove and to replenish your account in more than 150 countries.

Financial norms

Money-Center & Finance Group, Inc. is licensed to provide financial services and is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in accordance with the Securities and Investment Business Act 2010 (SIBA), operating in the territory of the British Virgin Islands. This move was initiated by the Company for the purpose of obtaining the status of a fully regulated company, as well as to ensure the safety of the investment services we provide to our customers.

MONEY CENTER, with the support of New Vision Group, is an innovative financial instrument, which is designed for use by both private individuals and companies in need of this product.

The purpose of the Company is to use modern technology to combine businesses and ordinary people in such a way that each side would benefit from this collaboration. Guided by the principle of constructing open and fair market relations, we strive to build our business with our customers and partners based on the principle of "win-win."

We offer an opportunity for ordinary people who do not have special skills, to realize themselves in the Internet business, using our service and making a profit anywhere in the world. To do this, all the tools needed for simple, reliable, and legal investments in funds exchange operations are integrated into the technological platform of MONEY CENTER.

This project gives everyone the opportunity to create a secure financial support for themselves and those around them. We know how to make your money work for you.

Money-Center & Finance Group, Inc. is registered in the British Virgin Islands under ref. number 2134257 dated February 2015. The company operates under a state license issued by the Financial Services Commission: Ref. SIBA/L/11/2128.

Registered address:

First Floor, James Frett Building, P.O. Box 5454, Tortola VG1110, Road Town

Tel./Fax: +44 020 3290 2444


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