How to Earn 128 BTC with Autopilot Method

How to Earn 128 BTC with Autopilot Method

Welcome to How to Earn 128 BTC with Autopilot Method. This Autopilot Short E-book explains you step by step how to earn fast 128 BTC with Autopilot Only One Month.

Please Read:-

Launched Date: 14th Aug 2016

Total Members: 18000+

Founder name: Hannes Jordaan

Country: South Africa

Profession: Online Entrepreneur


!!! New Launch so be on Top!!!

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 This Site growing rapidly!!!

Today Hit 6100+ active Participants (Sept 2016) !!!

 I recovered my seed money on same day, now on 2nd Level within 2 days …Wooohooo!!!


* Owner can’t run away with your money as its member to member direct funding

* No need to invest hundreds of dollars, very small $17 (0.03 bitcoins) you need to donate one time

* you can recover your seed money with only one paid referral

* Scam? Owner can’t scam you as we are not funding him anything directly, Owner is also a part of system

* 100% Passive

* No Surfing, No packs building like revenue share sites

* Grow your community and earn for your financial freedom

* this is a serious income for serious people!!!

 Member To Member – INSTANTLY receive donations from other members

100% Of All Monies come back to its members

No SCAMS, No gimmicks

$17 (0.03 bitcoins) one time donation

Maximum Earning Potential (128 bitcoins) that too every month*

Real Financial Freedom

Only Bitcoin (BlockChain or Coinbase) wallet accepted


What is ZarFund?

ZarFund, a Bitcoin based cash gifting scheme, registered its website on the 27th July 2016.

ZarFund is the first donations based platform with Bitcoins all over the world. And this ensures that a donation arrives very fast to the recipients. ZarFund offers only a member to member donation-platform. Without detour or fees, 100% and free of charge. Members are controlling themselves.

ZarFund is not 0 8 15 program. “Member to Member” means: get IMMEDIATELY monetary gifts from other participants. The money is flowing to 100% for the recipient. ZERO PERCENT management fees and 100% free.

No cheating, no gimmick. There are regular webinars and trainings. With a donation of 0.03 BTC any REAL financial freedom can achieve. This international ZarFund platform can help you.


Does Zarfund turns to scam quickly

No chance, 100% it does not turn to scam, reason is all transactions are happening between members to member, Zarfund is never taking your money.

 Why investment is only $17 or 0.03btc one time

You are joining this program in level 0, first upgrade to level 1 , you are paying your sponsor 0.03 btc. Then you are receiving 0.03 and 0.03 from your downline that makes yours income to 0.06 and later you are upgrading to 0.05 , so you keep your profit as 0.01. Now in level 2, you are getting 0.05 *4 = 0.20 , then you are upgrading to level 3 with 0.10 , so profit is 0.10, similarly for all levels.


Please find the screenshot, for the actual potential to earn money with Zarfund


#LEVEL1 – See when A and B Upgrade, you get the income of first level 2 x 0.03 btc and that is the beginning of A and B to earn from their first level

#LEVEL2 – Same in level 2 After getting payments from A and B, you will Move To Second Level And that time you will get paid when CDEF Will Upgrade themselves

#LEVEL3 – After Getting Paid In Second Level You Will Move To 3rd and then you will get paid by 8 members which are the referrals of CDEF , when they upgrade their 3rd level with 0.10 BTC , that amount will come to you

#LEVEL4 – After 3rd level you will move to 4th and the 8 members of 3rd level will expand to 16 and then you will get paid from them..and so on


Account Upgrade Steps


STEP 1 for Level 1

 Instructions – Read Carefully

• You must complete the following 2 steps.

• Step 1: Send bitcoin payment (0.03 btc) to the wallet listed by the payee (your upliner).

• Step 2: Provide the transaction hash ID using the form provided on upgrade page.

• This system features automatic payment approval which takes 30-60 minutes.

• Your upgrade will not be in effect until donation is validated and approved by the system.

• All donations are voluntarily and final. Refunds are not available.

• Communication about the upgrade process, donation and approval is between you and the payee only.

• You have 1 days to upgrade to Stage 1 or your account will be removed.

• If your account expires while your donation for your first upgrade is pending approval your account will not be removed.

• All disagreements and problems will be manually handled by system administrator. Submit a support ticket to report any issues.

• You must read and agree to the ZarFund terms of service.


STEP 2: Submit the transaction hash ID

 Where to find the Transaction Hash ID after you made payment?

1. Go to

2. Copy the Bitcoin Wallet address you see in Step 1 (of payee) and paste it in the search box on then click on search.

3. On the next page, look for Transactions (Oldest First). Just below that you will see a long string of characters.

4. Copy that long string of characters and come paste it in here in the Transaction Hash ID field.

5. Click on Submit. Voila, if you’ve done it correctly your upgrade will be in effect as soon as our automated system approves the transaction.


WARNING! For users of, and similar exchanges: Our automated system cannot verify all transactions from these websites. If you use and we kindly ask you to create a Free Bitcoin Wallet with to do transactions safely and securely on our platform. We want all transactions to be secure and verifiable and thus they need to happen on the blockchain. Some wallet services allow for internal transfers without running it through the blockchain and that is unacceptable to ZarFund. Please ensure you have a wallet to guarantee you have a safe donating experience.


I used wallet which is registered under…

 How to find the Transaction Hash ID


Signup Now: -


So this is wonderful opportunity to join our winning team, as, by doing so, you will highly benefit from Free Referrals that will be invited to join the system under you in order to boost the earnings of all our Team Members :) Besides you will be receiving spillovers / autopilot referrals coming from all our hard effort of promoting this great ZarFund program!!!


Our new referrals will be placed under you because we are already full on some levels so even if you cannot see us as your referrer, keep upgrading each level until 6th

 Keep promoting Zarfund and keep upgrading to be on top in short time :)

 Enjoy the benefits of Spillover power; you can take advantage of being in our team... Our some super sponsors already reached on level 6 within a month and started earning 128 BTC already..

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