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Trade unions and your MLM part 2

These matters are also somewhat addressed in the National Budget and can be seen as somewhat redundant on the union’s behalf.

The Federations of Unions on South Africa’s (FEDUSA) proposal submitted to the Select Committee on Finance contained few recommendations but some that seem urgent to the country’s state of health affairs. The proposals were to have vast improvements in the follow areas in the health and safety sector:

i) Management Training;

ii) The replacement (and retention) of doctors and professionals; and

iii) Enhanced revenue management.

(FEDUSA, 2014)

The union also went on to urge the improvement in the infrastructure in rural areas, making medical facilities more accessible. This is very practical and urgent as rural areas often suffer losses due to lack of facilities and access to medical supplies and improving infrastructure would help save lives of many citizens.

In terms of the proposal to invest in management training for medical facilities nationwide, this would be a welcome change and hopeful improvement to the government facilities available to citizens which are often regarded as unreliable and in a state of disarray. An improvement in management could be seen to save lives and decrease the time spent by patients in waiting rooms at these government facilities.

It is seen that many top professionals in their respective fields seek to move and practice abroad due to circumstances and offers that would increase their standard of living. By encouraging these top professionals to practice locally, be it with incentives or otherwise, would be doing the country a huge justice and would possibly see great improvements in the state of health affairs in the country.

By enabling the healthcare employees to be better equipped to deal with revenue, would greatly assist in sustainability and affordability of government facilities and allow further development in the health sector which would ultimately result in more facilities and a better health state of the country allowing more citizens to be treated and assisted.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) have been active and conspicuous in their efforts to portray their disapproval and blatant rejection of the Employment Tax Incentive Scheme and Youth Wage Subsidy and have again proposed the abolishment of this policy as it is seen to have more disadvantages and negative effects on their members that intended for the national labour force.

This year’s budget speech has received much praise across the board as the plans for the current financial period seem to be reasonable and with a focus on cutting down expenditure in certain areas, quality of spending, efficiency and corruption (Gordhan, 2014). From a fiscal standpoint, the government is seen to have a stance of consolidation in terms of their fiscal frame work with a view to long term sustainability and economic inclusion. Economic inclusion is a problem that is being rigorously addressed with national funds being pushed towards helping its citizens be more financially stable.

This article was published on 14.12.2015 by Yadav Timmal
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