1.                                 What is MMM?

MMM is a global mutual aid community. MMM is social financial donation exchange network. MMM is a million n million community of people who have agreed to willingly extend financial helping hands to each other via donation.
MMM is not a bank, An investment opportunity, a busines but simply a community of people helping each other financially
Mmm has no central pocket were money is been deposited.. Transactions are done peer to peer
MMM runned by d community ie. Me n you.. We just have a technical program that regulates what we do n what we can't do.. The technical system controls how much we can ask as help  or withdraw n how much we can provide as help or deposit

              MMM is composed of 3 components

1. Provide help
2. Get help
3. Technical basic program
A provider of help is someone who has pledged to give financial help in d community. He or she can also be a reciver of help, when he or she has extended a financial  helping hand to someone in d community

A reciver of help is a member or participant who has already entended a helping hand or provided help. Thus is qualified to recive help frm d community

So basically MMM hasn't any central pocket where all money deposits or donations goes into.. Becos all donations ar done peer to peer. How do i mean? Donations are done via member to member transfers into there bank accts or bitcoin wallet

 The technical basic program controls d activities of the provider of help n the reciver of help.

                              How does it Work

You know about the popular word 'Contribution' where people contribute money to one person and there's a book where everyone's name is written. When it gets to your turn; everybody's money is given to you....

In MMM, we make pledges to donate our SPARE money to members  who need the money. We do so by logging into our MMM account (Personal office) to make the pledge. We join the queue of people who made pledges after making the pledge.
We ONLY make pledges. We don't gather our pledges to give to one person. In MMM there is no CENTRAL ACCOUNT (No bank account where all our pledges are paid into). Members transfer money directly to each other. 

Now, if a member in the community who has already made a pledge to provide financial help to another member and has fulfilled his pledge now needs help, he does that by logging into his MMM account (Personal Office) to say so. 
The system, connects him with the person in the queue for providing help. If it's your turn on the queue to provide help; when you log into your Personal Office, you will receive the details of the person to provide financial help to. 

As soon as you pay the money directly into the person's bank account  who needs that financial help and that person acknowledges he has received the money, you are now qualified to receive help. 

You then log into your personal office to ask for financial help. Someone/people in the queue who's turn it is to provide help will be assigned to pay you 30% of the donation you provided + the donation money itself.

3. How can i participate n benefit financially in MMM?

 Like i said earlier MMM is donation exchange network. If we had previous knowledge of mutual aid society. We understand mutual aid society is a comunity where we give financial help and recive financial help back.. The more financial help u give, the more financialy help u get in return... Is like borrowin your money out, and reciving it back later or much later when u need it wit little interest (just example)
MMM offers is participants an appreciation package for all donations the make to a participant in the community.... MMM offers its participants 30 % growth rate per month for each n every donation the make in d system...
: For example
I donate 1000 nsira, after 30 days you would be qualified to 1300 naira as financial help from another participant in community,
 5000 naira qualifies you to recieve 6500 naira

For more inquires and details, please contact Or whatsapp +2348036122387 use this to register when you are ready use this to register when you are ready

This article was published on 27.06.2016 by Bukola Oshunkeye
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