How to Make $8K/M with Just 5 Recruits Uisng THWGlobal!

Please, ignore the subject of this report, though it is possible and you will see in the information that I will be making available to you.


A lot is going on THWGlobal video platform and I just wanted to really capture your attention.

 Just visit the  to see yourself.

Yes, some people have completed their 10hr of qualification, and some have not.


If you are still to complete your 10hrs qualification, I will recommend you add a comment to every video you watch, and make sure your comment is at least 80 characters long and does not include the title of the video.


Comments now show up in your history of videos watched. It is possible that you might not get credit for videos that have no comments. Please, DO NOT panic, the company has not said that, it is just an imagination and a possibility, so you should not get embarrassed too much, if that actually happens.


A quick way to establish a list in a text file, then just copy and paste when a video finishes play.

Please, see attached file for a sample I am coming up with for myself. Do not be lazy to grow the list of comment, because if this is a business you intend to grow long term, you will need it forever. So it makes sense to get it now done.


How to Make $8K/M with Just 5 Recruits:

Yes, if the company keeps to its terms, you can actually make $8k per month by just referring 5 people, who do the same, which is easy since it is 100% free to be part of the opportunity.


So how easy it is to refer 5 people?

Easy. If you can refer one person, then you can refer even hundreds. The approach is the same, only different numbers.

Do you know any one above 18 years of age? Do not tell me you want to start making money before you tell them, because those are exactly the people you need to succeed with.

I did not wait to start making money before sharing with you, but I did share with you with hope that should it work, then we will benefit, should it not work, then life continues.

I did not say it is a guarantee you will make money, besides there are companies that pay, yet people still fail to make money with them, so It is all based on mindset and positioning, and I do not know about yours.

Here are some good resources to help you position yourself for greatness.

Try it and see
This article was published on 20.09.2016 by Emmanuel Owusu
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