Prospecting Experience

Prospecting experience (s), which to any professional networker is the most commonest and initial word any individual will know in such any network marketing settings. However this experience could be a very exciting or unpleasant  one to certain  professionals depends on individuality experience. The word " prospecting" in a marketing word could be describe as a process any networker marketer have to go through whether they like it or not. Sometime we can look at the aspect of good prospecting whereby an expected result is attained in, which an individual or desired individual decides to join or be one of your downlines whereby you can build a success business. I will strongly agree that they could be a  certain laid down script rules or sequences which can be used to get many people  on board onto your team. However, certain professional networkers might agree that these so called designed scripts works for them whereas for other networker marketer it doesn't. What l do believe is that with experience(s) and lengthy of time of achievements of any individual networker if you  are one of very successful earner in your company you might then know exactly what actually works for you in terms of " productive prospecting guidelines ". In some cases prospecting could be a daunting experience which can create a set back in which some networker marketers might struggle and  this could caused them to quit completely from working in such industry. I think over 60%  or more successful experienced networkers will  mention that at one point they must have encountered a  bad prospecting experience in one way or the other. This could be a rejection of striving hard in winning any individual onto your team and this didn't happen or someone who must have invested a lot of time, effort in making sure they attain a greater  level in  the company ladder but  due to one reason or the other they couldn't deliver its anticipation . However, whatever the case might be either good, bad or worse prospecting experiences; I do think is part of the experience (s), which any successful networker marketer have to go through either they desire it or not. Finally the most important thing is that not  taking such experience (s) personally because any where you are coming from  and going to  in any careers, goals and visions there is a certain journey and experience(s)  one has to go through.

This article was published on 19.03.2016 by Kenny Fakayode
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