What Are Your Reason for Doing This?

We have all been told when we were starting this business, or when we want to change our lives for the better, that we need to list our reasons why we are doing this business. 

I have heard and read said advice thousands of times over the years, however it took a long time for it to actually get from my head to my heart and do it!

I won't go into how the world works as far as the Law of Attraction or spiritual things are concerned, except to say this: It works. 

When you are first starting this business, if you don't write down why you are in Network Marketing, chances are you will fail. You may rise up and make a bunch of money, but the first time you hit any kind of adversity, it will all fall apart. You will have a business built on sand.

Building an MLM business is unlike any other business out there. It requires certain skill-sets and mindsets, which you just don't really need in a "mainstream" business. 

MLM is probably the hardest profession to do, despite being the simplest to understand. As such, a constant and consistent plan of personal development, leadership development and mindset training are needed. If you are not in agreement with that concept; if you think you don't need it or it's just bull****, then go ahead and quit MLM if you are in it, or stop thinking about joining up if you haven't got in yet.

As Network Marketing Leaders, not only do YOU need to right all the reasons why you are doing this business, but you will need to require those who you sponsor into the business to write it all down as well.

Now, if you or the person you sponsor have no intention of building much of a business, and are only using the products and maybe occasionally recommend some products to friends and family, then disregard what I'm saying and stop reading now.

But my guess is, since you are a member here on MLM Gateway, you are serious about this business. And as serious business builders you need to write down your reasons why.

As for me personally, I refuse to work with anyone who will not write a list of their reasons why. I just won't do it, because I have no time to work with the people who will not take this business seriously enough to write their reasons and goals down.

Sure, I will sponsor them and make sure they are updated on Team events and meetings and such, but I will not take the time to train them and try to develop them into Leaders and big business builders.

And neither should you!

If they won't do this simple thing, then they either are not serious like the say they are, or they just don't "get it" and will not have worked out anyway.

You don't need folks like that. They need to know why they are doing this. They have to figure out what they want out of this business; big business or just consume products or make enough to make their car payment, etc.

Only then can you help them achieve their goals. That is your job when you sponsor them. If they don't know what they want, how can you help them get it?

There are a ton of great books, audios and videos on this subject and I have listened to hours and hours of them. I think the best teacher of this, especially as it relates to MLM, is Jim Rohn. Les Brown is another one of my favorites. 

Search on Youtube for videos by them on why specifically you are doing this business, write it down, make copies, post in in multiple places so it's right there in from of you all day and make a vision board with photos of what you want and the lifestyle you want to live, and look at it; dream about it and let it permeate your soul everyday.

Trust me; it will keep you going when things get a little rough in this business, as they often do. 

So, that's it for now. Write down your reasons why you are doing this business. Develop your short and long-term goals in ALL areas of your life (financial, personal, business, spiritual, etc.).

Good luck in you journey!

This article was published on 12.05.2019 by Alan Turco
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William W. Epps Alan, I agree. You have hit the nail on its head! You're right on target with your statement.  7 months ago
Said M. Ereg Very good announcement Alan.   7 months ago

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