The Building Stage of THWGlobal!

Rich Devos Founder of Amway Corporation #29 America's Largest Private Companies on Forbes List did 9.5 Billion USD in 2015.

He preached and taught that there are four stages to every business, marriage, church, charity or whatever you are building.

The Four Stages by Rich Devos:

    Building Stage: Everyone did whatever was needed to do to get the job done!

    Management Stage: Everyone started being in charge of different parts of getting the job done!

    Blaming Stage: Everyone started to blame each other for the job not getting done!

    Destruction Stage: The job never got done. Business shut down. Marriage end in divorce. Church split up.

Rich Devos said the only way to stay away from the Destruction Stage is to never leave the Building Stage!

At THWGlobal prior to even getting started the Founder's Team vowed to always stay in the Building Stage. Below are Four Building Stages for which the THWGlobal Opportunity will be built on.

Before we talk about the 4 Building Stages of THWGlobal let's address the simplicity of THWGlobals success formula!

    Can you sign up for 100% FREE and watch 5 hours of videos, support all advertisements and refer 2 or 3 IVs to do the same? YES or NO

    Can you teach your 2 to 3 IVs to refer 2 to 3 IVs and to teach them to teach their referrals to do the same? Watch and Refer? YES or NO

If you said YES to both questions you have the building blocks to be successful in the THWGlobal Opportunity!

Food for thought: Stage 1, 2 and 3 are the hardest stages to get involved in a program. However these are the stages where the most benefits for future income are found. Example every IVs Power Leg and Dual Team Leg is already built and can end up paying you for years to come!

The 4 Stages of THWGlobal


This was planned to be a 30 day Pre-Launch utilizing a single page registration with partial back office. Tracking of Team building efforts were displayed in real time with an internal messaging system! Pre-Launch was considered a huge success! The goal was to attract possibly 50,000 IVs just in the USA. Instead THWGlobal ended the first 30 days registering over 600,000 IVs in over 200 countries who were averaging over 1 to 2 million page views daily.


This was an additional 40 days planned as a Soft-Launch introducing the video viewing platform and developing a viewing and tracking system. Even though we planned OUTSIDE and third Party advertising to be in Stage 3, THWGlobal was able to procure outside advertising via third party Media Groups earlier than planned. Thus we were able to start to do some real tracking and accounting of viewing in Stage 2. THWGlobal with this advance success was also able to allow many IVs to get their 10 initiation hours in during this time. Many Back Office tools were also developed during this period. Including the building of many options mentioned in the next stage. Soft-Launch was considered another huge success with over 1.3 million register IVs viewing an average of 3 to 5 million page views daily.


Stage 3 will be 90 days of post Soft-Launch which began on 9/21/2016. Outside advertising sales will continue during this stage. Outside advertising is estimated to be only 10% of the sales revenue expected from inside advertising sales which will begin in Stage 4. This stage will also introduce the exciting THWGlobal eLearning Package along with our POWER BONUS. Sales of the eLearning Package will also enhance the global viewing and team buildings pools by generating higher Token values as a large portion of the sales price will be contributed to the global viewing pools. During this stage we will be offering online IV Certification for ad sales. Once Certified we also plan to allow our Certified IVs to begin selling inside advertising. It is fully anticipated that inside ad sales will substantially increase the value of viewing Tokens as these ad sales should generate much higher ad revenues than those associated with our third party vendors.

All Viewing Tokens will initially be converted to Points on Nov 24; for all Viewing done through 10/31/2016, thereafter Viewing Tokens will be redeemed for Points on the 24th of each month. Once redeem for Points your Points can be immediately converted to cash and withdrawn. Management Bonuses, Coded Bonus and Power Bonuses will all begin paying during this Stage as well. Once the initial payment of the various bonuses has been made, all future earnings will calculate in real-time, 24/7/365 and will release for payment 10 days later. This Stage is also looking like a huge success for THWGlobal as on day one we saw almost 12 million page views. The goal is to finish this Stage 3 with exceeding 3 million IVs viewing over 25 million pages daily.


Fully operational systems with all cylinders firing! With Inside and Outside Advertising sales generating the maximum CPM values for the company with major long term increases in value of viewing Tokens! Stage 4 “building” is expected to last for generations to come; building to 100’s of millions of IVs. THWGlobal has a five year goal to own just a few percent of the global online internet advertising space which is estimated to be over $7,000,000,000 ($7B) dollars by 2021.

STAGE 1 to STAGE 4 are all building and growing stages. THWGlobal promises it's IVs that they will always stay in the BUILDING STAGE of helping and sharing their revenue with our global base of IVs! We believe that THWGlobal is creating something that will last more than a lifetime were IVs will be passing their business on to their children.

Think about it, The THWGlobal Compensation Plan

Via our global viewing and Token System the richer countries are helping the poor countries! Viewing and Team Building is like Socialism where everyone shares equally and getting Certified and Team Building is like Capitalism where one can make as much as one can dream! Everyone will end up making a lot more than they expected!

Just keep on Viewing and Building your Ten Level Team!

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Best Regards,

The THWGlobal Communications Team

This article was published on 24.09.2016 by Emmanuel Owusu
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