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A Word For You!!!!

A forest was once a single tree, day by day Its keeps growing. If its take 1hour to cut a single tree down, then you should know that it may take days, months, or years to cut a thick forest. But for you to cut a thick forest down in a day, that means you will need more hands to support you.  

I started alone, we are growing big day by day. If we invited just one person to the seminar when we started small, it can't continue like that anymore because I liken us to be like a forest now and not a tree anymore. So we need to put in more effort. The more we grow, the more the work and the more the money. Just imagine, right now we are in the 128 row. We need to give 64 upline 128 downlines. Now the question is, the total number of invitees for the seminars yesterday and a day before, are they even up to 120. You now see where the problem emanate from. Even though one of us has helped us by giving us 22million phone number. No one is saying anything about how we will start sending the SMS to people. Everyone is just concerned about themselves and not the team. Since we made this policy, I believe many of u have seen how difficult it is to register a downline under you. If I was in your shoe, I will just choose the next available option by supporting seminar and making it a point of duty to invite as many as possible. If we have large population in the seminar then it will show in the result we produce. Together we can reach our goals. Many of you are frustrated now and think you have made a big mistake by joining the team. But I tell, the road to success is not always straight. There are always challenges but if you refuse to give in and persevere and keep moving, you will reach your destination. And I pray we will all reach our goals of $80,000 by God's grace. Let's continue to work together, so we grow together. And we all will be happy together.

For anyone in ZARFund, here are some words of wisdom from Nornico Maduro via Mike Uhrhan


Good Morning, and a happy week to you all smile emoticon:)

I want to start this week with some word of caution and advice to our members.

First I want to say, that I am an Internet Marketer, Online Marketer and Network Marketer. I have multiple income streams and I do also Passive earning Programs and Investment Programs. So obviously I am Pro multiple Income streams.

But I didn't start like this, I added to it as I was advancing in my business, using profits to reinvest and grow. But before you do that, you need to be stable in one first.

Here is why I am telling you all of this!

ZARFUND is the best system I have seen in over 3 years online, to help you generate funds to help you build any other opportunity.

It was looking for such systems to help my team members entering Network marketing companies that I work with, that I encounter ZARFUND.

ZARFUND is like having our own Bank where we as members get to decide who and how much all of you can get out of all funds we put together. Think of that for a minute. The bigger we grow our Network, the more we are allowed to get from the funds.


It's like a haunting season now for matrix programs, and now with the success of Zarfund you will see more coming out soon.


Work any program or opportunity if you want, only when you are good enough at one first!. Don't get caught working a dozen of programs and not dominating any of them.

And about discussions I see in social media, remember ZARFUND uses a matrix structure to organize the members in order,


We are not paying in here and have to wait till certain amount of positions filled so we can get paid! Here we receive donations since our first referral.

Whatever time it may take to reach the maximum payout, remember that we will ALWAYS BE IN PURE PROFIT SINCE STAGE 2, NO MATTER WHAT!!

Don't let anyone confuse you, go out and talk everyday about ZARFUND, not only about the 164 BTC we can potentially reach, but also about all Those problems that can be solved, or dreams that can be achieved with all the money one will be receiving along the way!

Some focus on the Max. 164 BTC and think it's out of reach and may get discouraged to try, but did you guys noticed that even a Stage 4 Filled means receiving 4,26 BTC? That is almost $2600,- EXTRA MONTHLY INCOME!

Do you know 2 people that knows 2 others that would want that?

That's where it all starts, and you know what's best? Once reaching that stage 4, you won't have control any more, no matter how slow you go, you will repeat that income and each month get more then the month before!!

Long post, I know, but I needed to remember you what we have in ZARFUND!


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This article was published on 30.09.2016 by Salihu Hassan
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