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My name is Michael Bray. I have been in network marketing for a couple of years now. I learned a lot about the industry with my first company and received some of the best training. The problem was that even though I was doing well, my team was not getting paid. I stumbled upon a company a little over a year ago that was gaining momentum. I looked at their comp plan which was completely different than anything I had ever seen. Not only the way you build your business but a company contributed retirement. This is a first in the industry. As I advanced through the ranks I noticed many others growing with me, not just a select few like I had seen at other companies. These were people that had no network marketing experience.

We have a car program like nothing I have seen before. The position is actually at the lower levels. I have people on our team that have qualified for the car in as little as 3 days. 

 What I found unique is the company only has three products and is nearing 500 million in annual revenue. Keep in mind, the company recently launched two years ago here in the U.S.  We are still below the ground floor for market penetration. Imagine getting in one of the larger companies in the beginning. This is where we are literally at. Most major cities are not even touched yet. 

We also have a charity program that you can literally build your business from donations. We are paid volume on every donation to the charity made through you. I have team members that have built their entire business on charity alone.

One thing that I will say has set us a part from numerous other companies that I was approached by is the culture that we have set. I believe culture is everything. With our company no one and I mean no one is left behind. The support that we have for each other is unmatched. I think this is a key factor to new distributors success in any business. Having true leaders that get into the trenches with the team and show them the way. Our company deals with health and wellness.

 If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to me. We are in over 64 countries.

Michael Bray

(239) 776-9502

This article was published on 22.08.2016 by Michael Bray
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