All the Benefits of Blogging Without Having to Blog!

THE WORD blog is a conflation of two words: Web and log. It contains in its four letters a concise and accurate self-description: it is a log of thoughts and writing posted publicly on the World Wide Web. In the monosyllabic vernacular of the Internet, Web log soon became the word blog. 

A mentor of mine show me how to blog for a business we were in together. He told me he’d found an online platform that was so simple I could post all my writing myself. The platform was called Blogger. I remember first grappling with what to put on my blog. I had no clear idea of what to do. Blogging. I can't think of a thing to write. "To all of you that just get into the flow. I don't know how you do it." That was in one of the first blog articles I wrote.. Wow I have came a long way from then to now.

I open up this page and I go blank. see nothing. I wish something would come to me. Work? Yes, I do love to work from home but there is only so much you can say about that. The job I have I love writing about to help others to be able to earn an income from home.

I use blogging to earn monthly commissions from multiple online companies-except I don’t blog. Sounds crazy I know but here’s what I mean.

You already know that blogging can be profitable. The problem is, you don't like to blog or you lack the time!  10X Blogger helps you profit from blogging WITHOUT having to blog. 10X Blogger has the Facebook re-targeting feature... 10X Blogger follows up with people for exposure several times before they even choose to signup with 10X Blogger. Re-targeting is a huge follow up strategy. This one simple system solved the biggest problems faced to have success in your business. 

There's a nitty-gritty, in-depth, and detailed video explaining the problems that 10XBlogger solves in our Facebook group. Friend me on Facebook and once you sign up for free I will add you to the group.

We're solving problems that ALL reps in ALL direct sales companies face (even if you aren't a rep in the company).

Take 51 minutes to watch the training video in the Facebook group, so you can fully understand the VALUE that 10XBlogger brings.

Once you see the value, you'll go "Wow!" and your enthusiasm will create commissions for you, believe me!

For each rep that subscribes using your free demo link, you'll earn $30 to $50, every month they are subscribed.

It’s completely free to start and I am here to help. After you sign-up with the link above reach out to me with any questions.  Everyone in our Facebook group are very helpful, we want you to succeed in your business.

Remember I am here to help.


~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans ~ Her Dreams into Plans ~

This article was published on 20.01.2016 by Judy Garcia
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