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The Reason Why So Many People Say No To Your Business.

Who here is familiar with when people tell you that they're not interested?

Or when they just don't ever reply back to you? Or refuse to see whatever content your company has to offer? Anyone?

And it'll keep happening until you make a change as to how you market to people.

What most people don't realize is the fact the whole problem has everything to do with how you promote the business. And that's by talking only about the business.

"we've got the best products"

"we've got the best comp plan"

"our company is blowing up like wildfire"

So on and so forth...

Do you have any idea how many people are saying the EXACT same thing about their respective companies?

So if it's all about the company and how likely it is people have heard the same thing from other people from different companies, then how exactly is your message going to be any different?

And therein lies the problem. That networkers think that their company is the selling point.

But here's a brutal truth that nobody wants to hear...

NOBODY cares about your company. And until you've accepted that as fact, people will continue to say no to you at least 9 times out of 10.

So what's the solution to this problem?

People looking for opportunities in this day and age are thinking only about themselves and the likelihood of them succeeding in a company.

So instead of just spewing info out about your company, why not tell them how they CAN succeed when they join your team specifically?

By using a system that not only generates massive momentum in your business, but something you share with your recruits to help them get the same result?

A system known as the Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM for short.

The major issues PEM solves in your business:

Creates less resistance between you and your prospects by offering them an incredible solution upfront with your business opportunity being the upsell.

Retains people on your team as they actually have something other affiliates don't have and they can work with to grow their team alongside you.

Generates near unlimited business opportunity seeker leads so you're never running short on prospects for your business.

PEM is created to provide networkers with the means to generate tons of leads, create additional income streams and provide valuable content and resources for you and your recruits while mostly being on autopilot.

A system so powerful, it allowed a mentor of mine to recruit 934 people into his networking business and replace his day-job income within 5-6 months.

So let me ask, if you had a system with that much potential to share with people that join your team, would that not sound even more of a reason as to why they might benefit from joining you?

More details when you watch this short video provided here.

This article was published on 23.04.2020 by Kevin Williams
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