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Life time Empowerment! join us today and earn big call or whatsapp me on +2347036199292.  Longing for stress free financia freedom, earning while u work from home helpinghands intl is just the way to go! The power in your decision to invest that 6600 can get you thisa car and lots more

in 8 months. 

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Helping hands international rewards members in various ways.

1. You are paid *REFERRAL BONUS* when you introduce H2i Empowerment opportunity to others and invite then to join.

You earn $8 (#1,320) for each person you refer.

If you refer 20 people for instance, you earn 20 * $8 - $160.


2. You are paid *MATRIX BONUS* as you grow in stages of membership. The following are Matrix bonuses you earn at each level and stage with just one account.

$10 (#1,650) for Stage 1

$100 (#16,500) for Stage 2 Lev 2

$200 (#33,000) for Stage 2 Lev 3

$300 (#49,500) for Stage 2 Lev4

$400 (#66,000) for Stage 2 Lev 5

....Total of $1000 (#165,000) for *Stage 2*

....Total of $3000 (#495,000) for *Stage 3*

....Total of $6000 (#990,000) for *stage 4*

....Total of $12,000(#1,980,000) for *Stage 5*

You can calculate how much matrix bonuses you stand to earn if you have more than one account with H2i


3. You're paid *MATCHING BONUS* when any of your referrals complete a Stage. The following are matching bonuses at each Stage.

*Stage 2 - 10% of $1000 -- $100

*Stage 3 - 5% of $3000 ---- $150

*Stage 4 - 5% of $6,000 --- $300

*Stage 5 - 5% of $12,000 -- $600

You can calculate how much matching bonus you'll earn if you have multiple referrals who complete each of the stages above.


4. You are given *INCENTIVES* by corporate sponsors when you complete each stage.

** *Stage 2* :- A brand new Hp Laptop or Apple iPad

** *Stage 3*:- Hyundai Elantra or Hyundai ix25 SUV or GAC Motor

** *Stage 4*:- Hyundai ix35 or GAC Motor


5. You enjoy H2i Services at each Stage:

** Stage1: Free Skill & Trade trainings put together by a team of partners at various locations

** Stage3: Asset & property support services

**Stage 3: Empowerment fund of $2000 (N330,000) for 2 less privileged people of your choice. N165,000 for each person.

** Stage 4: Financial Empowerment Services- Access to business/project loan up to $44,000 (#7.2M) on request.

** Stage 5:- Scholarship Award Services , you receive education fund for 6 people( 2 of your own Children, 2 from Church/Mosque, 2 from your community).


All these possibilities from #6,600, *hard work* and *positive mental attitude*

Divide your SALARY by 30 days and see what you get (i.e. the number of days in a month and see the funny thing about your salary plan). For example,

(1) An average level-12 worker in the state government civil service earns NGN 60,000.

**** And this translates to NGN 60,000÷30= NGN 2,000 every day. This is LESS THAN the amount made daily by an AVERAGE HAWKER in the city. (2) A freshly EMPLOYED GRADUATE BANKER in most NIGERIAN BANKS earns an average of NGN120,000 monthly.

***So everyday, you get NGN120,000÷30= NGN4,000 as the daily value for your work-life. By implication, this is LESS THAN the amount earned DAILY by an AVERAGE DRIVER in d city and in some villages..... (3) If you are a FRESH GRADUATE EMPLOYEE in some oil companies, you earn an average of NGN300,000 monthly. So in a day your WORK-VALUE is NGN300,000 ÷ 30= NGN10,000

**** This is LESS THAN the daily amount earned by an IRRIGATION FARMER supplying vegetables to Lagos MARKETS, a TIPPER CAR DRIVER supplying sand for three BLOCK INDUSTRIES and CONSTRUCTION SITES just 3 times a day and DRIVERS of DANGOTE TRUCKS who have bought off the trucks at scrap value and are using them to convey products between villages and the cities for just five business owners. --------->>>HOPE BY NOW, IT IS SINKING IN, RIGHT?

And when there is an ISSUE in the FAMILY that requires FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, the DRIVERS, HAWKERS and the rest are looking up to you with a WHITE COLLAR JOB. (4) If you are an NYSC MEMBER, you DON'T need to be told that:

*****NGN19,800÷30 = NGN 660 is your worth on a daily basis.

I hope you know that PURE WATER SELLERS who own a shop, a pepper soup joint and a small TOYOTA COROLLA car to distribute pure water to five restaurants earn MORE THAN you & WHEEL-BARROW PUSHERS working on contract for three warehouses probably make MORE MONEY than you EACH DAY ............

Wake up and be more productive. We should be more proactive, create room for more income and strive to diversify our streams of income.

The earlier you wake up and smell the coffee, the better for you...... Someone right now will say this analysis is too ideal to be true but take your time and do it, you will grasp

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