Hope you guys are doing well on this amazing Monday!!

It's been a while and hope are doing well!!! 

Just wanted to really bring it home to a rare social media platform that people are overlooking!! 

It's a place to really genuinely connect and give feedback off each other!! 

Have you ever heard of Clubhouse? Some ppl are skeptical about it for reasons I wouldn't begin to understand!! Clubhouse is amazing yes it's audio!! But not just one person can just speak you can have a whole panel connecting with each other and the audience!! I've come across influencer ppl that I would never come across anywhere else! I've learned soooo much within these rooms observing everything that I can, taking down notes and saving them to use for my business!! There is soo many gems to check out I just love it!! These rooms are never boring and there is so many different subject that is talked about as well. SO it doesn't always have to be about business!! It can be for fun or spiritual or relaxation!! 

There is even rooms with Marathons in them!! I've never seen that anywhere not on facebook, instagram, linkedin, youtube with a panal of ppl that just talk all day and all night just connecting!! 

I've been in rooms with Tiffany Haddish, Dr. Drew, Terry Crews, MC hammer, and many more!! I've seen celebrities have their wedding in clubhouse because they met there!!

I've seen a celebrity connect with a non-celebrity person just because that person spoke on stage!! Who can pass that up!! 

I am always looking for moderators that would like to connect and yes you can talk about what you do as well!!! It's a win-win!! So make sure to join and follow me to receive notifications of rooms that are opening and let's build together and network beyond your wildest dreams!!

IF you need an invite you can join this club they always have invites!! 

Early Adopters startups for iPhone or Android phones!

Also, don't forget to follow me as well I always follow back and expect the same courtesy! Receive notifications for opportunities to network and connect!! 

Successwithnita at clubhouse

This article was published on 08.06.2021 by Shanita Smith
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