Would you like to be apart of the number one wellness industry in South America? A company that has 15 ways to compensate you including paying your rent, or buying you a car, and rewards like sending you on a free international trip. As you know in MLM marketing the early bird usually gets the worm. If you want to start in a MLM market you want to start when the business is first making its appearance. Fuxion just launched in the US in May of 2016 and sales are doing AMAZING!  My upline is literally 2 down from being the man that brought this industry to the US.  I am seeking to build my team. We are close knit and want everyone to succeed in a business that you make your own hours, you work from anywhere, and gives you freedom to actually live. This company is debt free all organic, non gmo wellness company that sales beverages to substitute unhealthy habits such as soda and energy drinks. WE also have a ton more options, soon we will have vegan protein drinks. To describe the product visually would be in comparison to a crystal light packet. You pour it in water, shake and drink. It is a cheaper alternative as well. A lot of places charge more for organic items, but for instance our energy drink that replaces the unhealthy energy drink is only alittle over a dollar a serving when the beverages are over 3 dollars a can. To have a alternative that is actually healthy for you, and gives you what you need it to AND IS CHEAPER is easy to sell. The time is now to get on board with this company it is already growing at amazing lengths and I just want everyone to have the same opportunity as me to get in on this. $30 and you get a packet with all of the info on the compensation plan (15 ways to make money) and the purchase of a product of your choice. I can help with those if you have question on the product. No monthly fees they just ask you to consume the product that your selling which will be no problem because you will love it.  Here is a link to a video that sums up this whole advertisement in 11 minutes with a visual   This link will alert me when it is viewed once you view it please email me. If you want to conversate about it, have questions about it, anything please just email or contact me. I would put the sign up page directly on here, but I actually would like to know who you are before you sign up. It is important I have a strong team so I just don't want anyone to join.

This article was published on 01.09.2016 by Angelena Messer
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