* FASTEST growing = USA, 2nd = South Korea, 3rd = Australia!!! 

* 20% of all your shopping receipts total PAID BACK TO YOU!

* SOLD ON for Market research - just as Facey and Google do!!

* SHOP where you always shop

* BUY what you always buy

* NOTHING to sell

* A QUICK VIDEO shows you everything - easy as!!

* NO product

* NO explaining

* NO parties

* AFFILIATE pay starts at $5/day once 3 have joined

* Grows as your team grows up to $3000/day

If you all only EVER enrolled 3 and NEVER ENROLLED AGAIN and it took everyone coming in ONE MONTH TO FIND 3....

This is what your team would look like....

If you NEVER sponsored one person - you can STILL receive an extra $115 max per month = $1380 per year for doing nothig differnt but sending your usual shopping receipts to Saivian.


If it took one month for you to find 3 people and you NEVER sponsored again, and it took one month for those 3 AND ALL NEW AFFILIATES JOINING YOUR TEAM TO JUST FIND 3 EACH IN THEIR FIRST MONTH and don't sponsor again...

This is what would happen...

Month             Team Size           Affiliate pay per DAY

1                               3                                     $5

2                             12                                     $20

3                             39                                     $30

4                           120                                     $50

5                           363                                     $150

6                          1092                                    $500

7                          3279                                    $750

8                          9840                                    $3000

Our team here in Australia and New Zealand has grown to over 500 in just over 9 weeks!  

Our leaders are earning $200 US a day!

As an affiliate with Saivian I am very excitied to offer you the opportunity to get 20% Cash Back on all your regular retail shopping.

Groceries, fuel, clothes, household items, take-aways, restaurants...you name it!

Shop where you always shop and buy what you always buy...but get it for less :-)

I would love to share with you how this is possible and help you save money.

And if you would like to know how I am earning DAILY residual income by sharing this with others...

Just send me a message :-)



This article was published on 08.07.2016 by Sarah Mattingley
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