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Someone told me a joke today and I want to share it with you,

There was an old man at the park sitting on a bench, crying!

When young man came up and asked him why are you crying Sir?

The old man replied that he was 85. But felt like he was 18 and started crying again.

Young man said that's a good thing you can't be crying about that. What's really bothering you?

The old man says I have a really nice house in a really fast car! And burst out crying again,

and the young man said, those are both good things I'd be happy about that!

The old man said I have a 27-year-old wife and as long as I have the little blue pills.

We have sex five times a day! And he really starts sobbing now!

And young man said you should be thrilled about that, I know I would be, so why are you crying?

And the old man says," BECAUSE, I can't remember where I live!"

Although funny, the joke makes a really true statement. Sometimes we forget the most important things in life.

We forget and take for granted all the little things we have that make us happy!

It is the little things that we do for one another that matter the most, that is how we show our love !

Is also easy to forget important things that we should do! To put them off for another day!

Many times I've put things off too long, and when I finally went back the opportunity wasn't there anymore!

So I must try to remember what comes first! Family, friends, and rent! Those are the most important things to me!

It is great to finally be having some success online! This past month I've made more money online,

then off-line! I've made more money than I've ever made before online!

And it's nice to go to the store and buy all the high-priced stuff, I never of allowed myself to buy!

To buy something off of eBay. Just because I want to, not because I need to!

And to remember family, and friends and try to keep the holiday spirit alive in my heart!

To always remember to be helpful, and encourage those around me, even though they might take me for granted!

There are some very big things coming down, here at the beginning of 2016!

And I'll be glad to tell you all about them as they occur and begin to change my life!

But I'm not going to tell you about anything that I haven't tested for myself, to see if it was real and actually works!

Then if it does work for me, I'll let you in on it so we can all make money together!

One good thing I have going for me now is Ad Rotator, there are things you need to remember!

The first is,

You get 100% of the money!

You get paid instantly!

The money comes directly to you and not to the company!

Ad Rotator believes that you should make money first before the company!

Therefore they give the most ,Awesome, priceless training available anywhere on the net!

And to think they do all this for a one time $67 that actually goes to your sponsor and not the company!

The company only makes money. If your successful, and become an executive on the second level!

Then it's $29.95 a month, your sponsor gets $20 and the company gets $9.95!

This is the residual income, you only need to people below you on the executive level in your bill is paid and you got 10 bucks to boot!

 So, of all things to remember, please do not forget, to visit my website, and watch the 20 minute video!

Then you'll know what all the excitement is about!

and I'll see you on the inside! Where has my email says, James will help you,

In everyway  possible to make sure your successful!

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James

This article was published on 11.01.2016 by James Seal
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