Let the little man win.....crowdrising

http://www.crowdrising.net/ref/Delphinah click u won't regret CROWDRISING FUNDING PROGRAM: the power of your R300 with an unending passive income.we help each other to get 5 do not hasitate to join hala me on whatsap or invite me on Facebook for more info 0810873881

Why join CrowdRising program? 

CrowdRisingis highly innovative, New and unique peer to peer direct funding program.it is designed with common man,people that have not made real money from online business mind. Free registration then I will have 48 hours to get familiar with the system

Let me simplify how the compensation plan works.

1. Let’s say you introduce 5 people into the programme.

2. All of them will deposit R300.00 each into your bank account, so you will have R300.00 X 5 = R1500.00.

3. However, it would be wise to upgrade to Level 2 as soon as you have received the payment of 

your first two members (R600.00)

4. You will upgrade to Level 2 by depositing R600.00 into the account of a member who is above 

your introducer, assuming that your introducer is above you.

5. So if you upgrade with R600.00, you will be left with R900.00 to use as you please.

6. Then your 5 introductions/referrals will each invite 5 people.

7. You will now have 25 people in your Level 2. 

8. These 25 people will deposit R300.00 into the accounts of your 5 referrals. 

9. As these 25 people upgrade to Level 2 as well, each of them will deposit R600.00 into your 

account.(you are a member who is above their introducers. As u also upgraded by depositing 600 to a member who is above your introducer,so everyone keep growing.in that way that we are a family of people doing one and the samething).

10. You will now have R15 000.00 in your bank account.

11. When the 25 people on your Level 2 invite 5 people each, you will then have 125 people on that 


12. When each of these 25 upgrade to Level 2, you will get R900.00m deposited into your bank 

account by each of them.

13. You will then have R112 500.00 in your bank account.

14. When the 125 people invite 5 people each to join the programme, there will be 625 people in 

your Level 4.

15. When these 625 upgrade to Levelsooo le the little man win...

Our team has something very special happening!  

Referring is completely optional and you will still receive.  

But this is something you are going to WANT to tell your friends about

This article was published on 02.07.2016 by Banele Mahlangu
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