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Today, lottery is the largest social and entertainment game in the world. The share
of lotteries on the world’s gambling market is over 30 %. The annual turnover of
this  market  today  is  $284  billion.  Along  with  the  penetration  of  the  Internet  and 
the growing number of devices connected to a network, the number of users who
prefer playing this game online is growing. Consequently, the online lottery market
today is promising area.
But despite such popularity, the lotteries currently present on the market cannot
provide the user with a 100 % guarantee of an honest lottery or offer full transparen
cy with regard to the formation and distribution of the prize fund. It is not surprising
that this issue is a hot topic for discussion on forums and in private conversations
among amateurs who like try their fortune in this game. Unfortunately, at present
one can see licensed operators periodically caught in various sorts of violations re
garding prize fund distribution and the honesty of the lottery. Just as important are
the conditions for receiving awards, which also have a number of shortcomings in
the form of delayed payments and various kinds of commissions.
Now, thanks to smart contracts, we have the ability to address these critical issues.
KIBO is a decentralized lottery, the main advantage of which is the complete trans
parency of all processes taking place on the platform and the fundamental absence
of opportunities for fraud. Unlike “fair play checks”, which allow one to check game
results in existing cryptocurrency lotteries, KIBO itself eliminates the potential for
fraud. This is made possible by Ethereum and the concept of smart contracts. The
marketing component of the lottery is also implemented based on smart contracts,
allowing franchise partners and owners of KIBIT tokens to be sure of receiving their
earnings and the correctness of its calculation.
KIBO  is  a  platform  where  all  processes  are  implemented  and  managed  by  smart 
contracts. Ticket purchase, random number generation, and prize payouts, as well
as accruals in the distributed partner network, are performed by a smart contract
without the possibility of intervention by third parties.   Changes in the platform are
made by a vote of control token holders
For implementation of the project, the Ethereum [2] decentralized network, which
uses the concept of “smart contracts”, was chosen. Ethereum has great potential
for scaling [3] and the broad support of the cryptocommunity and investors. Cur
rently, the network is theoretically capable of handling about 10 transactions per
second; this is enough to start project implementation.
Methods for network scaling presented in the above-mentioned report [3] will make
it possible to accept more than 50 million users in the near future.
The KIBO framework
Currently, Ethereum infrastructure cannot yet offer a complete solution which in
cludes the decentralized part of the interface (the required functionality will appear
at the Metropolis stage. An excerpt from Ethereum’s official blog [5]:
As it is not yet possible to decentralize the application interface itself at the mo
ment, the KIBO project is implemented partially in a server infrastructure which con
tains standard solutions for such cases, as well as a specialized application based
on smart contracts. In parallel with the work on the server solution, we are working
on various options for decentralizing the interface part, including our own solution.

1st October 2016.  KIBO
Whitepaper version 1.06, under review
This document describes the technical implementation of a system
based on smart contracts and important aspects regarding the
promotion and market launch of the system

The First 20,000 Members will be Owners !!  What is KIBO?

How KIBO was born or some visualization aid

We have always believed that humanity deserves transparency, openness, and fair play as basic values.
Ever since the Blockchain technology was developed we have been really impressed by what it has to offer. With our many years of experience in entertainment content development, we could not but notice a technology that removes all key shortcomings that gamers across the world have to face today.

Blockchain and smart contracts are not only second to none in solving end user's problems but also ensure 100% security and fair play in creating an independent affiliate network governed by a smart contract.

This is how KIBO originated – the first decentralized lotto that makes it possible to develop collectively owned social games. By joining the efforts of our team, we were able to commence development in June 2015.


This article was published on 01.10.2016 by Julius Jack Armstrong
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